JSC «AlES»: in 3 hours, twenty 160 liter bags og garbage were collected on the passageway river

In early June, the company's ecologists held an eco-protest on garbage collection "#Ozende kokyska oryn zhok"

On June 5, Kazakhstan celebrates a professional holiday – Ecologist's Day. This date was approved in Kazakhstan by presidential decree in 2011.

For the third year, the environmentalists of JSC "AlES" have been holding a field action on the Passage River in the Alma-Arasan gorge.

Man is the creator of his environment, which provides not only his physical existence, but also provides him with opportunities for intellectual, moral, social and spiritual development.

– We were depressed by the view of the river Passage, garbage bags, plastic cups, bags and plates, broken glass. We call it "Gifts of civilization". There is a lot of plastic, given that the average decomposition time of plastic products ranges from 80 to 700 years, the main concerns are related to the fact that plastic, falling into the ground, breaks down into small particles and can emit chemicals added to them during production into the environment, – Saltanat Zhanakhmetova, chief specialist, expressed her concern Department of Environmental Protection. – It's painful and unpleasant to look at. Unfortunately, people do not think about their actions and that the river is the wealth of our world.

– The expected result of the exit campaign is that we want to draw the attention of Almaty residents and the public to environmental issues, to the state of the river. Having cleared the channel of the river Passage, we did not stop there, we increased the area to be cleaned: we climbed the hydroelectric dam – 5, where we also cleaned the riverbed. What we saw struck us – how negligent and unscrupulous people are about nature. Garbage is thrown out directly in bags, although it is not far to get to the dumpsters. According to the results of the campaign, the eco-consultant collected twenty 160 liter bags of garbage in 3 hours, Elena Silvestrova, chief specialist of the Environmental Protection Department, shared her opinion.

– The damage caused by plastic garbage is much stronger than it may seem at first glance. At the same time, more and more plastic is produced every year, according to official data, more plastic has been produced over the past decade than in the last hundred years. This creates a really huge problem that affects the planet from all sides.

– If people do not stop using disposable plastic products, such as cellophane bags and plastic bottles, by 2050 there will be more plastic in the world's oceans than fish, – experts of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) report.

How can we help? It is enough for each person to reconsider their habits a little:

– try not to use plastic bags. You can go to the store with a cloth bag for groceries, and wrap food in paper bags;
– do not use disposable plastic dishes;
– do not buy water in plastic bottles, get a reusable container and carry it with you or take a thermos with hot drinks.

Let's not forget the words of the French geographer and sociologist Jean Jacques Elise Reclu, "rivers carry on their waves the history and life of peoples". The ecologists of the ALES urge people to preserve their purity, so that the rivers would continue to carry history and life to everything on Earth.