Solidarity and support

AlES JSC promptly sent 50 million tenge to the regions affected by the natural disaster



In addition, young employees of AlES JSC, in an effort to support Kazakhstanis in distress, together with the youth of the Samruk-Kazyna Foundation, collected funds and organised the delivery of necessary aid to the disaster site.

Also, 12 thousand bags were sent via air carrier for the city of Uralsk, which was in particular need of help, and were necessary for flood control measures. Young power engineers not only collected funds, but also took part in loading the aid. Also, AlES JSC provided transport for humanitarian aid, thus ensuring quick and efficient delivery of the necessary materials.


– Compassion and the power of support lurk in the depths of everyone's heart. This was clearly demonstrated in the last month, when natural disasters struck several regions of our republic, says Yernar Sandybayev, Managing Director for General Affairs of AlES JSC. – In these difficult times, our team of power engineers promptly sent help to those in need. In particular, the amount of 50 million tenge was allocated for material assistance to the affected areas. In the current situation, this is not just a sum of money, it is an expression of warmth and care from our entire team.

Such solidarity and active participation in helping those in need is a manifestation of the unity of the people of Kazakhstan, a demonstration of our common spirit. All this emphasises the ability of Kazakhstanis to act together in difficult times.

Together we can overcome any difficulties and make our world a better place. Together we are strength!