Perfection is in the details. Further improvement of working conditions is the main task of “Almaty Power Stations” JSC in 2012

During the years of independence in Kazakhstan many spears were broken against a labor protection problem at the enterprises.

Therefore, every domestic company, which has chosen for itself the value of the person as a cornerstone of all the production, is a standard for imitation. In 2012, “Almaty Power Stations” JSC became the republican leader in the field of labor protection, presenting the achievements in this sphere at the international conference and an exhibition on labor protection and industrial safety “KIOSH-2012” in Astana. The company has won first place in the republican competition “Senim” in the nomination “The Best Safe Enterprise of the Year”.

The very person provides success of the company. Being guided by such postulate, “AlES” JSC in 2011 allocated 126.6 million tenge for labor protection at the enterprise.

During 2011 laborious work on implementation of the international standard of management of safety and labor protection of OHSAS 18001 was done.

The internal program of labor protection is based on three foundations: health care, informing and training, technical modernization.

The obligatory medical examination of the personnel working in severe and dangerous conditions is performed in production departments. During 2011-2012 first-aid posts in all divisions have been organized, medical examination of workers is carried out surely before each shift. According to the requirement of the legislation, all workers (3 341 persons), whose life and health may be harmed are insured. The total sum insured was 59.4 million tenge.

The personnel working in harmful working conditions receive milk, soap, medical first-aid kits and medicines free. The costs only of providing with milk amounted 38.7 million tenge.

Much attention is paid also to constant informing of personnel. In particular, management on control of reliability and labor protection issues reviews, information messages, and practical policies for preventionof accident, breakdowns, etc. All executives and persons responsible for safety and labor protection have undergone training and an examination of this sphere.

Workers are compulsorily trained on methods of first aid.

The “12 days of safety measures” project and safety precautions training became monthly tradition in each workshop. The universal certification of jobs under the terms of work were organized and carried out in 2011. The sudden, planned and complex inspections of jobs on compliance to norms and rules are carried out on a regular basis.

Daily safety engineering and labor protection inspectors bypass workplaces with verification of the correct admission, preparation of a workplace, extract of dresses, and availability of certificates of competence.

Meanwhile, there is a system of punishments of workers for violation of the rules of safety measures: remarks and reprimands, deprivation of an award, extraordinary examination of safety regulations. It should be noted that punishments are not the goal in itself. The main task is the accumulation of information on the most characteristic violations and elimination of these gaps.

Besides, within a year, a great job on strengthening of exterior and internal lighting, cleaning of garbage and scrap metal is done in all production departments. The reconstruction for the purpose of reduction of danger to workers at manual cleaning of cars from the coal remains is made on the car dumper of CHPP-2, barrier of railway tracks throughout 500 m is executed. Also the workplaces are equipped with electro protective equipment. Gas analyzers for definition of availability of gases in underground structures and vessels, and also “Gosha” robots exercise machines for training of personnel in skills of rendering the first resuscitation aid are acquired.

As the result – during 2011 and 5 months of the 2012th accidents connected with production, and occupational diseases have not been recorded in “AlES” JSC, as well as accidents and refusals of the first degree.

In 2012 the emphasis was on prevention of traumatism cases, decrease in number of technology equipment failures, accident rate prevention, decrease in number of violations of the rules on labor protection and safety measures in comparison with last year; completing the offices of safety equipment, providing workers with qualitative special clothes and footwear, individual protection equipment, on comprehensive improvement of working conditionsin workplaces.

Alina BEKIROVA, Almaty