AlES: Farewell of Nurlan Taufikovich Mukhamed-Rakhimov to a well-deserved rest

On September 9, 2022, power engineers say: "Thank you, Nurlan Taufikovich!" There are only two addresses in his work book: CHP-2 and the head office of JSC AlES.

Nurlan Taufikovich has been working in the energy sector since 1980 – and this is 42 years! Starting as an electrician on duty at the ATEC-2 electrical workshop, he passed the engineering stages from the deputy head, and then the head of the CHP-2 electrical workshop, the chief engineer of JSC APC CHP-2 to the Chairman of the Board of JSC AlES.

– Today it is pleasant to note that knowing your path, we can say with confidence that you have lived responsibly, richly and productively over the past years, – said Yerlan Kirkinbayev, Chairman of the Management Board of AlES JSC. – Thank you for your personal contribution to the development of AlES JSC, we express gratitude for your work and professionalism thanks to which we have achieved significant success and have taken a worthy place among the energy companies of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Today, a lot of highly qualified specialists, genuine professionals, who are students and successors of Nurlan Mukhamed-Rakhimov, work at Almaty Power Stations JSC.

– Not many people know Nurlan Taufikovich when he just started working at CHP-2 in the electrical shop, and I in the boiler room. I even had to take exams to Nurlan Taufikovich, I admit it was not easy. – continued Isakhan Syrgabayev, Director of the WTC.

Gaziy Ismukhambetov, Managing Director of Production – Chief Engineer, considers Nurlan Taufikovich to be his teacher and mentor: "We went the path of trials and victories together. We worked side by side, and I'm proud of it. Nurlan Taufikovich was able to rally a team of professionals and lay the foundations for the stable operation of our company".

Asel Arginbayeva, Managing Director for Economics and Finance, stressed that the high level of professionalism of Nurlan Taufikovich. It was he who initiated her into the specifics and subtleties of production and tariff formation.

The leading specialist of HRM Department Dina Karabalina thanked Nurlan Taufikovich for the creation and support of the youth organization of JSC "AlES", thanks to which young guys from different departments rallied into a friendly unified team.

The highest professionalism, determination in achieving the set goals, exactingness combined with a sensitive and attentive attitude to people earned the respect and well-deserved authority of Nurlan Taufikovich among colleagues and friends.

We hope that Nurlan Taufikovich will maintain strong ties with the team of power engineers for many years to come, and his experience, his knowledge, his advice will be in demand in AlES JSC. The connection of generations is also a good tradition of Almaty power engineers, which has become stronger thanks to him.

We sincerely wish Nurlan Taufikovich Mukhamed-Rakhimov good health, long life, maintaining a high professional tone and expanding the horizon of his new interests.