The «Zhas Orken» program gave a unique opportunity to gain work experience…

According to the program for the development of talented youth, three young specialists were trained at JSC AlES

The passage of rotation in production is not only on-the-job training, but also a means of developing and promoting a broader, younger generation of people. Therefore, JSC "Almaty Electric Power Stations" carefully considered the choice of mentors for trainees under the "Zhas Orken" program. After all, mentors in production are the basis of the whole project. To support young people, to help them form the right attitude to business, to the profession, to the country – this is the basis of success.

In 2019, Dimash Zhunusov and Adilkhan Aisultan rotated at the B.Orazbayev CHPP-1, in 2021 Yerkhan Batrkhanov trained at the A.Zhakutov CHPP-2.

– The staff of the station will remain in my heart forever, – recalls Daniyar Zhunusov. – They are very smart and open-minded professionals who are always ready to help. During this time, I have gained a lot of practical experience, which I will apply in later life. My mentor was Dinmukhamed Burambaevich Aimuratov, the head of the electrical shop. I was very lucky that my mentor became my older brother, friend.

Yerkhan Batrkhanov's mentor was Bauyrzhan Kaliev, Chief Engineer of CHP-2.

– During the rotation at the A.Zhakutov CHPP-2, I studied the peculiarities of the operation of the thermal power plant, gained invaluable experience in the electrical shop, production and technical department, and also participated in the adjustment of the station mode together with my mentor, – Yerkhan Batrkhanov continued. – Thanks to his advice, I grew up as an energy specialist. I remember how Bauyrzhan Bolatovich always conveyed to me the idea that it is necessary to understand the essence of a particular process, because just by learning it, it will quickly be forgotten. The Zhas Orken program gave me a unique opportunity to gain work experience in four national companies side by side with professionals in their field, from whom I learned a lot. I'm in touch with them now.

Kaynarbek Kerimkulov, head of the technical department, mentor of Adilkhan Absultan, believes that "Zhas Orken" is a productive program that allows children to find a good job.

– Adilkhan acquired the skills of analyzing the consumption of electricity for his own needs in production departments, – said Kaynarbek Kerimkulov. Based on this analysis, he learned how to identify measures to reduce energy costs. Now Adilkhan works at KEGOC JSC, we call up periodically.

Mentors of JSC "AlES" were trained at the seminar "Effective mentor" at the Corporate University "Samruk-Kazyna". Each mentor was awarded a letter of thanks from the Samruk-Kazyna Foundation and a special honorary badge. In the summer of 2022, Bauyrzhan Kaliyev received a commendation for assistance in the implementation of the "Zhas Orken" Program.

Recall that the duration of the internship of the guys was 5 months, the entire program of advanced training of young specialists "Zhas Orken" is designed for 20 months.