The main thing was to bring their skills to automatism…

Eric Nurtaevich Utebayev, ex-shift supervisor of the boiler shop of the Western Thermal Complex, shared his memories. Our hero stood at the very origins of the formation of the ZTC, which this spring turned 50 years old

The beginning of the Western Thermal Complex was laid on November 26, 1963. The boiler house was located in the departmental affiliation of the AHBC and supplied heat and steam to the AHBC and the western districts of Almaty. In 1972, the boiler house was transferred to the Alma-Ata Enterprise of Heating Networks (APTS) and it was named the Western District Boiler House (ZRK).

Eric Nurtaevich got a job at the ZTC after the Army as a locksmith on duty in 1978. He was advised to go to the energy industry by his older brother. As Eric Nurtaevich says, it's not so easy to work in a boiler room, there are so many mechanisms and their nuances that just having an education does not save. It was necessary to memorize and probe everything in order to have an understanding. And the most important thing is to keep a lot in mind, the same schemes, for example.

It is very responsible to be an operational staff, because that's why he is operational, so that in any situation he can quickly react and work. It was a very cold winter in 1976. The central distribution point has not yet been built. The neighborhoods were well heated, but there was not enough heat in the city center. Then the 5th highway was urgently built, connected only with the South-Western district boiler house. Five boilers and a new pumping station were working.

The staff then was 120 people, and this was in 1977, but with the increase in boilers, the number of employees almost did not increase, we had to cope with the forces that were available. There were their own repair crews, they were later transferred to the PRP "Energoremont", and some were reduced.

In 1977, a communication pipe was laid, a heating station was built, and the following year heat was transferred from the Western District Boiler House to the central part of the city. Water was also given to Tchaikovsky Street. It was the 5th highway, then they added the 7th, 8th, 9th, 12th highways. 6 the main line transmitted heat to the mkr. Aksai.

In the early 80s, the active development of the western districts of the city began, along with this, the City Executive Committee decided to build another boiler shop. In 1986, the first stage was built, and in 1988 – the second stage of the Novo-Zapadnaya district boiler house

Mentoring was developed at the ZTC. Eric Nurtayevich recalls that his mentor was Levin Andrey Trofimovich, a boiler machinist:

– I was his partner, we worked together for several years. His mentoring was not limited to a couple of months, he taught me for years. We learned the schemes by heart. When new staff came and took exams, many said, "We know everything". Then he was answered: "If you know, let's draw diagrams". And then they came across. The most important thing was to train and prepare the staff. And this was taken very seriously. The mentor showed you everything really in practice. When you probed it yourself, understood it, and then remembered it for the rest of your life, but if you teach it in words, it practically does not remain in memory.

According to Eric Nurtaevich, the most valuable advice he received from his mentor was practical experience, the main thing was to bring his skills to automatism. There are non-standard situations when it is necessary to react quickly. It is necessary to lead them to the fact that if he were woken up in the middle of the night, he could recite any scheme by heart. And when the protection and alarm system work at work, do not rush around confused, but react promptly.

Eric Nurtaevich remembered how, being already a mentor, he took Vladimir Glushchenkov's partner: "To show him how to melt the boiler, I melted and handed him the torch and said go put it out. I thought he knew how to do it. Instead of placing the torch in a special vessel, he threw it on the floor and dances on it, extinguishing it with his feet. Glushchenkov remembered this lesson for the rest of his life.

The Novo-Zapadnaya boiler house was not originally built for the Western Thermal Complex. It was built by the City Executive Committee, later transferred to the ZTC, which at that time was headed by Viktor Sirobaba.

– Boilers No.2 and No.3 were to be commissioned in 1987. Not all devices were connected, the system, roughly speaking, was not ready for operation. We installed small gas burners, made tubes and connected the 2nd boiler to the inspection, – said Eric Nurtaevich. – The inspector arrived, who had to analyze the result of financial investments in the boiler room and could not believe that in a short time we were able to prepare it for operation. He said: I don't believe it! And we explain – The smoke is coming, burning, everything is fine! Thus, for verification, we reported: we manually opened the gas, turned off the smoke pump, the fan, the rest of the equipment was not adjusted, we did it without a diesel drive. In general, they flooded like a home oven. Of course, we did everything right, though after a while.

Before the start of the CHP-2, the ZTC worked all year round and used all its power, all boilers worked. At that time, ZTC provided more heat than CHP-2. Then slowly, but not immediately, the CHP-2 began to gain momentum.

Eric Nurtaevich also remembered the Belgians, the era of Almaty Power Consolidated in 1996:

– The positive thing from them was that they wanted to do reconstruction, trained staff, knocked out debts from organizations that owed. But then they left. And thank God they left! Previously, the main point in internal documents was Trouble – free, and with their arrival, Profit became the main thing.

In 1998, a structural subdivision of the ZTC was formed as part of the department of the agro-industrial complex of the RCT, and in September 2000 – an independent department of the agro-industrial complex of the ZTC. Since February 15, 2007. ZTC department of JSC "Almaty electric stations".

Eric Nurtaevich wishes the ZTC team to be a Team – this is the basis of Energy! To develop energy, because it is the basis of everything.