For more than 4 years, Alexander Klimov, Deputy head of the electrical workshop for the repair of CHP-1 named after B.Orazbayev, has been getting to work by bicycle

In the 80s of the last century, my father bought a Soviet road bike "Tourist", I was still at school at that time. I had a smaller Uralets bike. Dad and I often went cycling together. He taught me all the rules of traveling on a two-wheeled friend on the highway.

Then it so happened that this bike was gathering dust on our balcony for a long time. About seven years ago, I set out to restore the "Tourist". Almost everything genuine was completely intact, I changed some details: wheels, saddle, bushings. It has an original steering wheel, turned it under him.

I have been cycling to work for more than four years. Mainly due to dry weather from March to November, almost eight months. Cycling is cool in winter. I live in the al-Farabi KazNU district, I get to work in 15-20 minutes. And from work to the hill, depending on your fatigue, in 35-40 minutes. My record back home is 25 minutes when I was in a hurry. I like to travel by bike, with minimal connection to traffic jams. My house is 7 km away, the average speed is about 25-30 km/h. I have keys in the glove, a minimum of spare parts. A bicycle with all keys weighs about 15 kg. After all, the lighter the bike, the easier it is to go uphill.

Recently, passers-by have begun to pay attention to my rather "age" bike. They show that it's great. I go to work early by half past six or seven. We need to open a workshop, our workers come to work early. Go to the main shield. Our station is large in area. We ride a bicycle to work together from our workshop, support each other, consult.

When I ride a bike, I have the feeling that wings appear and the wind fills my smile, a sense of freedom and flight. When I restored the "Tourist", they began to build the first bike path along Abaya Ave. And today I have been driving along bike roads for most of the way.

On weekends I often travel by bike, go to my parents, ride with my son. Doing my two-wheeled friend for fun. This is a good thing. Now there are opportunities to assemble a bike, restore the old one, and buy a new one. I recommend everyone who loves a bike to find their own model.