About deserved energy Barlike Esirkepov Orazbaeva to share Vladimir Bychkov. On February 3, Byrlyk Esirkepovich turned 73 years old

As I came to CHPP-2 IN the late 80's, we heard new words: restructuring, publicity.
 And the situation at ATEC-2 reflected the state of the state as a whole. There were regular delays in the payment of wages. Station Management

demonstrated inconsistency in their actions. The chief engineer gave the command to prepare the boiler for kindling and put it into operation, the director canceled his command and forbade to heat the boiler. And this situation did not contribute to the well-coordinated work of the station staff.
And the team decided to use their right to choose the first head to restore order in the enterprise.
By a joint decision of the party organization and the trade union committee, a commission for the election of the director was established under the chairmanship of V. V. Palatov.

In its work, the Commission relied on all the regulatory documents in force at that time. Regulations and instructions for conducting elections were issued. The nomination of candidates for the position of director has begun. For an objective assessment of the candidates ' abilities, a contract was concluded with a recruitment agency to assess the readiness of applicants.

The commission collected characteristics for each candidate. Of course, everyone understood that to be a worthy leader, you need knowledge and experience as a leader. A person working as a crawler today will not be able to be a full-fledged manager.

By the final meeting, we received all the characteristics for the candidates. It should be noted that the recruitment agency used the most modern methods of objective evaluation of candidates in its work. Several tests were conducted for each candidate. Each had up to two hundred questions. The most hidden psychophysiological abilities of each candidate were revealed. According to the results of testing, B. E. Orazbayev was identified as the most prepared and capable candidate for the position of director. At the final general meeting of the team, each candidate presented himself and his program. The results of the recruitment agency's work were presented.

As a result, B. E. Orazbayev was chosen as the director of CHPP-2 and in the future the team was not disappointed with its decision.

 Chicks of Orazbayev

Specialists from all over the Soviet Union were invited to conduct start-up operations and further operation of the Almaty CHPP-2. From Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan, from the Russian Federation and all of Kazakhstan. The specialists were highly qualified, but a single team was not created by the end of the 80's. With the arrival of B. E. Orazbayev, systematic work began to create a unified team. Berlik Eserkepova had a unique sense of nurturing responsible, independent leaders. His highest demands were combined with a great sense of respect for his subordinates. Giving instructions, he asked to name the deadline for execution and what kind of assistance the performer needs. He had a unique trait — he did not interfere with the work of his subordinates. I didn't pull on the little things. But when the deadline came, that's when the subordinate reported on every detail of the order. And he reported in the presence of his colleagues, with whom he has worked for many years, and perhaps studied together.

Orazbayev B. E. did not tolerate deception, he parted with such people instantly. Berlik Eserkepova always a personal example showed how to be a leader. Always calm, and balanced. He didn't speak loudly. His whole appearance inspired confidence and peace of mind. Having worked for many years at CHPP-1, having worked his way up from a crawler to one of the station's managers, he was well versed in technology and relationships in the team.

Another method of forming a team was a systematic approach to solving all issues. One example. CHPP-2 had its own hostel and there were regular conflicts when settling in. There were not enough places and there were many people who were offended by the unfair distribution. And so that the allocation of places does not take place on the principle of "leg length and eye color" , the "Provision for obtaining rooms in the hostel"was issued. All possible criteria have been included in this document. It was then approved at an expanded meeting of the Trade Union Committee. And all the employees who applied for a place in the hostel became clear and clear who will be settled in the first place.

With the same approach, long - standing problems in the fuel and transport and boiler shops were solved. Literally 2-3 years after the arrival of B. E. Orazbayev, the station steadily suffered a load.

And the heads of the station and structural divisions were Kalendarev A. N., Zhanbyrshi G. S., Sadvokasov T., Zhakaev A., Mukhamed-Rakhimov N. T., Tyutebaev S. S., Sholanbayev B. and many others who consider Orazbayev B. E. their Teacher.

And the concept of "Chicks Orazbaeva B. E." these guys appeared thanks to the head of the personnel department of "Almatyenergo" Mirsanov Yu. A. That's what he called them. The management of "Almatyenergo" treated B. E. Orazbayev with a certain jealousy. The election of the director of CHPP-2 by the team for the first time in many years became the basis for the appointment of the director. The General Director of "Almatyenergo" only approved this decision of the team.

Orazbayev B. E. later went up the career ladder.

He always remained a Teacher for many children. At any time, you could turn to him for advice on any issues: industrial, personal, and always get a thorough answer. For his part, Berlik Eserkepovich always remembered the years of work at the Almaty CHPP-2 as the best in his professional career.