Transformation in practice, as it is, from the experience of an employee of JSC "AlES" Vladimir Kim

All SDCs of Samruk-Energo JSC are involved in the Transformation Program. The implementation of new projects depends on the competence of employees, their activity and desire to work in a new way. One of these employees is the Head of the Methodology and Transformation Department of JSC "AlES" Vladimir Kim. Today, he shares his experience in transformation, job expectations, and ideas.

Vladimir, please tell us about your experience working in AlES. And how long have you been on the wave of Transformation?

I have been working at AlES since 2013. And my first position is Chief Economist of the Budget and Economic Analysis Department. At that time, there was no transformation division, but we were already the initiators of the automation of existing business processes. In particular, on the basis of the 1C: Enterprise 8.0 system, such modules as "Budgeting and Planning" and "Procurement and Inventory Management"were implemented. As an economist, I was actively involved in the development and testing of new forms of reports and documents. At the same time, in 2014, as part of a working group from our company within the framework of the project of implementing an Oracle Hyperion-based SLM in Samruk-Energo JSC, he participated in the defense of the project before Samruk-Kazyna JSC. For participation in the project, the entire team was awarded with Letters of Thanks from Samruk-Energo JSC.

The transformation department was created first in your company, and at the initiative of AlES. What is the reason for this?

We understand that the company must develop. Information systems are being updated very rapidly. In 2016, we started implementing 1C: MRO (Maintenance and Repairs). The effective collaboration of the Repair Department, the IT Department, as well as the Methodology and Transformation Department created by that time with the contractor organization, allowed the project to be successfully put into commercial operation in December .2018. In the same year, the Department of Methodology and Transformation (OMiT) was created, where I was transferred as a chief specialist, and in July 2018 I was appointed Head of this department.

What ideas did you manage to implement?

One of the primary tasks of OMiT is the systematization of reference books in information systems, including the reference book "Nomenclature". To do this, we have developed a number of internal regulatory documents, orders, and appointed those responsible for updating reference books. The result of these measures was to minimize duplicate items in the Directories and items with incorrect names. Later, with the introduction of electronic document management, paper requests for encoding new nomenclature items were completely replaced by electronic requests.
In 2018, a license for the use of the information system "1C: Document Management CORP 2.0" was purchased and successfully put into commercial operation by OMIT employees and IT Management in December 2019.

Is it possible to measure labor costs in hours, days for the correction and updating of a single reference book?

It's probably hard to do. In fact, this is a very painstaking work, because the removal of duplicate items in the directories, incorrect data – everything was done manually. To date, we have processed and updated about 160 reference books in current information systems. The Nomenclature directory alone contains more than 70,000 items. And to keep the directories in working order, constant monitoring is necessary. This work began with the creation of the transformation department, that is, since 2018. Today, we have a clear database and exercise control.

What proposals, in your opinion, should be included in the Portfolio of projects from AlES?

We sent as an idea-the introduction of a multifunctional information system 1C: ERP and in close conjunction with it the creation of an Electronic archive. I believe that these are current trends, given the trends in the entire society of the transition to the"digital". This will help us to enter a single information Space and automate most business processes.

You have entered the change explorer pool. What are your expectations from this position? What skills do you think a change explorer should have?

Expectations – getting new experience, professional development as a specialist. Skills – sociability and stress tolerance. I consider myself to be an active and interested employee. I hope that I can be useful for my company, and that this position will contribute to the implementation of the new goals of our transformation department.