On June 7-8, 2019, the First Republican IntersectoralSpartakiad(Sports Festival) of Workers was held in Nur-Sultan. 12 national teams, representatives of which participated in competitions in six sports: chess, togyzkumalak, arm wrestling, table tennis, mini-football and volleyball. The Kazakhstan industry trade union of power engineers at the Games of workers was represented by the team of “Samruk-Energy” JSC. It includes employees of JSC “AlatauZharyk company”, LLP “BogatyrKomir”, JSC “Almaty Power Plants”, JSC “Moinak HPP”, JSC “Yekibastuz HPES-2 Station” and LLP “Yekibastuz SDPP-1 named by B. Nurzhanov.

JSC "AlES" presented MirasKiyakov, engineer RZA TPP-2. He entered the national team in table tennis.

-I have been playing table tennis since my student years. I spoke up in 2014 at the sports contest “Samruk-Energo”from AlES, in 2017 - at “Samruk-Kazyna”. This year, for the first time, we performed a team: YekaterinaYerezhepova (“BogatyrKomir” LLP), MagzhanTazhikeev (Samruk-Energo) and I. We werea strong team and trained hard. We played, did our position and were set up only to win. In a difficult hard struggle, we won. I still have positive pleasant feelings. We worked harmoniously in a team, in this format I spoke for the first time. I am grateful to the organizers of the Games and the leadership of “Samruk-Energo” JSC, which came to cheer for us.

Power engineers became the strongest in table tennis, volleyball, arm wrestling, and also took prizes in mini-football (II place), chess (II place), togyzkumalak (II place). In the team event - the Kazakhstani branch of power engineering workers won first place and thus became the first champion of the republican inter-branch Spartakiad of workers!