That’sMay, which means it's time for an environmental expedition. The team of CHPP-2 of JSC “AlES” has been participating in the Ile-Balkhash regatta, in which employees of the company clean up the Ili river bank of rubbishfor 20 years. “REGAT 2020” - is carried out in order to popularize and further develop water tourism in the basin of Lake Balkhash. The motto of the regatta: Freedom of soul - on the crest of a wave!

The team of “AlES” JSC took part in the 3rd stage of the Ile-Balkhash regatta: Akkol village - Zhydeli channel - Ili river delta (140 km). Team Leader Sergei PetrovichTabakaev, Head of Production and Technical Department of CHP-2.

Regatta participants shared their impressions and prepared a mini-photo report:

- Now, here is the spring and it’s regular regatta time. It’s time of meetings, routes, fees, excitement and of course the joy of contact with our lovely river Ili. How we missed it!!!

We are preparing for the start of the regatta. This is district of Akkol village. We immediately begin to collect kayaks and cook dinner.

We,the team of CHP-2 JSC "AlES",leave the shore togetherat 15:00 . The weather is either rain or sunshine and it’s completely impossible to understand what is waiting us ahead.

Kayak veterans! You can not catch up us that time. It rains and seems to stop, and the sun appears again. The weather is perfect, not hot, not cold, and it’s pleasant to row. Seagulls circle around us and the eagle soars proudly. And it’s scenic and calm,swimming along the approaching shores. Above usthere is a blue sky with fancy clouds.

There is a fire, it’s burning reed. Oh, people! How did you allow this terrible disaster? After all, all living things perish in fire.

Take care of nature - "reed jungle’! Peace and tranquility brings a stay in the world of animals, birds, insects and reptiles.

At the sunset the wind stopped. The banks of river turned into themselves in their wonderful evening lanscape, striking us with indescribable beauty. We will take away all this and keep it inside ourselves until the next meeting with the river.