Communicating with people who work in Almaty Power Plants JSC, you see how they love their work, and are aware of their importance in the workplace. These talented and ambitious specialists, among them there are many those, whose dedication is for their job could be served us as an example of labor love. It is addressed to the heads of the CHP-1 shift, which is abbreviated (DISs – in Russian) SEDs (station engineer on duty). Their mission is to control the process in all the workshops of the station. The entire operational staff of the station is under the command of the shift supervisors. The role of their responsibility is huge, because they have to make so kind of important decisions on their own in any certain situations. - Our task is general management of the technological process. And this process is very complicated and time consuming. The boiler shop burns fuel, the chemical energy of the fuel is converted into kinetic energy of steam. Turbine shop transforms it into mechanical energy. With the help of generators, this energy is converted into electricity and heat. We, the station shift supervisors, regulate the work of all workshops. Every time after the shift, I go home with a feeling of satisfaction because the citizens have warmth and light in their houses,- explained in a simple way Maksat Astaubayev, the youngest of the five shift supervisors of CHP-1.

- My mother graduated the Faculty of History and worked as a teacher. We lived in the village. Our grandfathers sent their sons mainly to study for veterinarians, agronomists, tractor drivers, welders, - continues Maksat Astaubayev. - And then I realized that I did not want to be a teacher or a veterinarian. On my sister’s advice, who was studying at that time for the faculty of energy in Almaty Institute of Energy and Communications, I decided to go to this educational institution to choose my future profession. I chose the specialty "Thermal Engineering". After graduation, I went to CHP-2 three times to get a job.

But at that time there were no vacancies. Familiar guys suggested that I go to CHPP-1. Then, Managing Director Issakhan Aktanovich Syrgabayev accepted the graduates for vacancies who had already graduated the High Technical Education, in order to support the young specialists. So I was among these youth for whom he helped us to find a job. I was accepted as a 4th category crawler driver for turbine equipment in February 2008, and in December of the same year I was already the 7th category senior machinist. Every 2 months I took exams for a new position. This is what distinguishes AlES from other companies. Here is, you can have an opportunity to grow. If someone wants to have knowledge themselves, their intention is rewarded.

In most cases, those whose parents have devoted many years to this area go to work in the energy sector. And Andrei Gennadievich Shevchenko chose his professional path according to the instruction of his father.

- In those time , parents told us that we should choose a working profession. My father worked in the boiler workshop at CHP-1. After graduating secondary school, I went to work as a turner 2nd category in boiler station. Then, like all young men of the Soviet time went to serve in the army. I was sent to a particular significant communication division in Moscow. At the factory, we made and installed electrical equipment for the second ring of defense of the city. Arriving from the army, my friend and I settled on CHP-1 in the fuel and transport department, the head of it was that time- Viktor Petrovich Gaponov.

There we were engaged in repairing pumps, gluing tapes, repairing raw coal feeders. Then I moved to the shop of thermal automatics and measurements. In order to obtain theoretical knowledge on the adjustment of the means of automatic control systems, I went to study at one of the South Kazakhstan universities. After years I entered to Almaty Institute of Energy and Communications for the specialty "Thermal Power Plants", and graduated it in 2006. After that, I passed the exams for the shift manager of the power station.

I know one thing: interest in work is the most important thing when building a career. If you teach yourself to systematically obtain knowledge, the result will not keep you waiting, they will notice you and help you in everything. I want everyone believe it in themselves. - Why did you choose energy? We often ask this question to our senior workmates. And we asked this question to Sergey Nikolaevich Nikiforov.

- After graduating the 9th grade, I decided to go to college immediately and chose profession electrics. That time the first my goal was to work at CHPP-1, because I lived nearby. My main mentor was my father, Nikiforov Nikolai Viktorovich, a man devoted to his work. He worked in the electrical shop of CHPP-1. I have always had a keen interest in building various schemes, and this interest turned to the goal. And when there is a goal, everything else comes by itself. I don’t say that was easy.

But overcoming difficulties is a fascinating process. Once a college teacher constantly told us: “When you will become shift supervisors, you will understand me.” I think his phrase contributed me largely to the fact that I got this post. The youthful interest in disclosure of the meaning these words helped me to become the head of the shift station. And now I really understand him. I would like to tell him that. Alexander Mikhailovich Yelkin – the inhabitant of Almaty was a history teacher, but when the Soviet Union collapsed, he had to master another profession. So he entered the Almaty Institute of Energy and Communications. There he met his soul mate.

After graduating the university, he came to work at CHPP-1 as a machinist of pumping units in the turbine shop. - I have always felt that I can do more. I passed the exams for the positions and set a goal to go further. I would like to mention Sergey G. Borozentsev, in my opinion, he is the best shift manager of the turbine shop, which I know. He gave me all his knowledge and helped me in my work. There was also Vladimir Alekseevich Ovchinnikov, who also taught me a lot. It has been 27 years since he came to the station. During that time, CHP-1 has become his home. Alexander Mikhailovich loves his job very much and he is a soul sick of everything what happens there. He is pleased to share his experience and knowledge with the younger generation. Colleagues speak of him as a conscientious, decent and honest person.

Last years of at school the teenagers write an essay on the theme "My future profession." Our next hero had already known that his interest was in technics and the laws of electricity would help him to find his vocation. He wrote in his essay that he wanted to be an electrician. Zeynolla Myrzagaliyevich Utepov lived and grew up in Ispul village, Makhambet district, Atyrau region. That time a good friend of the family who was a rural electrician and often came to visit them home. Usually as a guest, but also to fix some equipment or help them with the household did not cause him any difficulty. He carried a small tool case with him. He deftly identified the problems associated with electricity in houses and carried out electrical work in the village. This person became for Zeynolla Myrzagalievich a man whom he wanted to be like. He says that he was a master of his craft. After graduation, our interlocutor went to Almaty to enter the Almaty Institute of Energy and Communications. The favorite subjects were “Theoretical basis of electrical engineering”, which was taught by the dean of the faculty “Electrical networks and systems”. He loved to attend the study for the discipline "Electric cars", which he never missed. Having graduated from the educational institution, by the direction he got to the CHPP-1 station in the electrical shop. After serving the army he returned to the station.

- My mentor was the head of the shift of the electrical workshop Yuri Fyedorovich Mitko. Unfortunately, he is not with us now. He paid more attention to the preparation of workplaces. He said, that safety is in the first place, because its compliance is the basis for the protection of human life. He himself allowed the workers to wear outfits and he had never been lazy to work out the rules of Safety Engineering with everyone, put up additional posters, especially on dangerous places at workplace. Figuratively drew lines for which we could not enter at work on orders. Especially appreciated his friends and colleagues. I myself was also a mentor to many young specialists.

I would especially like to mention Maksat Astaubaev. He always has a burning desire to learn something more and learn something new. You would have involuntarily desire to show him and teach. After all, when young people strive, they need to be encouraged and helped. Now he is my colleague. I gave my three children the opportunity to choose a profession on their own. Profession and love are similar to me. There is no advice for whom who choose their love, and it’s also seemed to choice of profession. You like it and it attracts you. In general, the love to the profession should be necessary. Those who do not have an interest in it will simply go with the flow and get paid for it, but not pleasure.

If you love creativity - go for a dream, if you love math - be an economist, if you like sports - play sports. In general, love your profession! Every day, passing the shift to colleagues, we wish each other trouble-free. This is the most important wish in our work. And to those guys who have been sitting on the same level for many years, the shift supervisors want to say: “-Guys, do not be afraid of change and responsibility! And if every day to learn something new at work, giving 15 minutes each day to study them in depth, you will at least increase your qualification level and this will be the impetus for getting a new position. You have many opportunities for self-education. If the older generation went to the library, looking for information in a huge number of books, and now today there is Google, and long live Wikipedia! Any information at hand. At any cases, you can read everything online, a lot of electronic books on the Internet.- Guys, we sincerely wish you to arouse an interest in self-education. We have real people at the stations, from whom we need to take an example and from whom we can learn a lot. And while you are young you should not miss the opportunity to become better! ”