The shareholder of JSC "AlES" is:

– JSC "Samruk-Energo" – 3,244,160 ordinary shares, 100%. The total number of common shares declared by AlES JSC is 3,700,160, of which 3,244,160 are placed. The last share placement price was 12,500 tenge per share. The Company's mission is to ensure effective management of the Company's assets for the purpose of reliable and balanced production of heat and electricity, in accordance with technical and environmental requirements and standards.

In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Joint-Stock Companies", the shareholder of JSC "AlES" has the right to:

1) participate in the management of the company in the manner prescribed by this Law and (or) the Charter of the company;

2) to receive dividends;

3) receive information on the activities of the society, including familiarization with the financial statements of the company, in the manner determined by the General meeting of shareholders or the company's Charter;

4) to receive a statement from the company's Registrar or nominee confirming the right of ownership of securities;

5) propose to the General meeting of shareholders for election to the Board of Directors of the company;

6) to challenge in court adopted by the bodies of the decision;

7) when possession alone or together with other shareholders of five and more percent of voting shares of the company to apply to the courts on his behalf in the cases provided for by articles 63 and 74 of the Law of the RK "On joint stock companies", the requirement for compensation to the public officials of the company for damages caused by the society and return to society officials of the company and (or) their affiliated persons of the profit (income) obtained by them in decision-making about custody (offers for the conclusion) major transactions and (or) transactions in which the interest exists;

8) apply to the company with a written request about its activities and receive motivated responses within thirty calendar days from the date of receipt of a request to the company;

9) on the part of the liquidation of the company;

10) pre-emption of shares or other securities of the company convertible into its shares in the manner prescribed by this Law, except for the cases stipulated by legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.