A fascinating journey through native land

The project "Touhan elge sayahat" has been implemented for the third year already. Three children of workers of Almaty Electric Power Stations JSC Ainur Bekkojaeva (14 years old, the daughter of Saylau Bekkojaev, electrician of Cascade HPP), Merey Sergalikyzy (13 years old, daughter of Seriali Kereyul, the steam turbine operator of the TPP, went to the first round of the fascinating trip across Kazakhstan) -3), Manas Zharas (12 years old, son of Bakyt Almabekov, electrician of CHPP-3).

The first sightseeing tour of historical monuments and the most beautiful places of Kazakhstan was held from July 15 to July 23, 2018. This trip has united children from all regions of Kazakhstan.

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- I have long dreamed of plunging into the history of Kazakhstani land, its sights and beautiful corners. And this year my dream came true, thanks to the project "Touhan elge sayahat", - shared her impressions of Merei Sergalikyzy. - Our tour was full of visits to cities, museums and mausoleums. We visited EXPO-2017, visited Baiterek. In Almaty were in the museum of national musical instruments, in the park of the First President, climbed to Chimbulak by cable car, went to the zoo. In Turkestan we visited the mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi and its environs.

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Baikonur welcomed us with warm. We visited the international space school and Baikonur cosmodrome museum.

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We traveled by train. And our company was called "Eaglets". On the train we always had fun. We danced, committed flash mobs, sang, played, competed and just had a great time. At the end of our trip the leaders conducted various contests. I got the diploma "English language expert".

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 I am grateful to all the organizers of the wonderful project! We were all very happy, made friends and with tears in our eyes parted at the station. 

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- This year I went to Astana for the first time, - Ainur Bekkojaeva remembers. - At the Expo-2017 I collected a lot of interesting historical information. We put skits, danced, it was very fun.

We visited the Museum of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, I listened very carefully to the stories of our teachers. I saw a lot of cognitive, for example: several types of chess made of gold and wood, decorated with gold costumes, kazan from gold, national chapan ... Most of all I liked the athletes' mountain skis with their signature and the gold belt of Gennady Golovkin.

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At Baikonur, we photographed all together at the monument to Yuri Gagarin. Famous pilots told us about how the Great Patriotic War was taking place, about the Kazakh dombra and space flights. I really liked it. In Turkestan, one of the sacred places told us legends about the place where Khoja Ahmet Yassawi was born and raised. I especially liked on Alakol (By the way, the lake's water is fresh). I was very well rested. We played with friends, songs sang, danced, it was very fun. I was in the 3rd detachment. I really liked it, and I already miss my new friends. I want to say a special thanks to my father.

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"My team was called ''Arly'', there were 18 of us in the team," Manas Zharas said. - At the Expo-2017, we saw robots, talked and danced with them.

In Turkestan, most of all I remember the museum, I saw dombra and kobyz Korjut ata, sabers and jugs. On Alakol we swam, played, it was very fun. Another circus came to us. I found a lot of new friends, we did not even notice that for such a short time we were very attached to each other. Upon arrival in Astana, we were awarded diplomas and many gifts. I liked everything, I did not want to part with the leaders.


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The dreams of the children were realized thanks to the project "Touhan elge sayahat". The organizers of the project are the Social Projects Development Fund Samruk-Kazyna Trust in partnership with the Fund for Social Projects of NC KTZh JSC.