Sports season has begun at Almaty TPP-2

 From May 3 to 19, 2017, the next sports season was opened at Almaty TPP-2. Competitions in mini-football and volleyball between the work shops of TPP-2 have passed. Six teams competed in mini-football competitions and seven teams participated in volleyball.

As a result of the mini-football competitions, the team of the workshop of thermal automation and measurement (CTAI) took the first place. The second place was given to the electric shop team. The third place was won by the boiler plant.

- Holding sports competitions is a good tradition at the station. My team has won the second year in a row. I really liked our team game. We will try to continue and improve, - commented the captain of the CTAI team Beibut Baynusirov.

In volleyball, the final results were distributed as follows: the first place was awarded to the team of the electric shop, the second - to the team of the CTAI, and the third place to the team of the chemical workshop.

At the end of the competition prizewinners were awarded with diplomas and cups.

The high level of sports training among workers is the result of a purposeful social policy with the participation of the trade union conducted by the management of TPP-2 and the company as a whole.