Pupils got acquainted with backstage of the power plant

Pupils from "Nazarbayev intellectual school of chemical and biological direction" visited TPP-1 named after B.Orazbayev

At the beginning of March 2024, the pupils of NIS CBD had a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of energy. The excursion was conducted in accordance with all safety rules. First, everyone was briefed in the Safety and Labour Protection Service of the plant. Then the head of the production and technical department Aibek Shayakhmetov conducted the excursion. He spoke in detail about the operation of the plant, electricity and heat production, water treatment processes and the roles of various specialists.

Young employees of the plant, Dina Abdimazhit, process engineer of the Workshop for Setting Up and Environmental Protection Activities, and Bekzat Kalelov, electrician on repair of relay protection and automation devices equipment of the Electric Shop, shared their experience of career advancement, as well as about equal opportunities for all employees of the Company.

9 th grade pupil Auken Bagshar was impressed by his visit to CHPP-1: "First of all, I would like to thank the plant staff for the opportunity to learn more about the processes and technologies used in electricity generation. I was impressed by the professionalism of the CHPP staff, who were happy to answer all my questions and explain each stage of electricity production. I would like to emphasize the cleanliness and order at the plant. My visit to Almaty CHPP-1 left me with many positive emotions".

Sanzhar Galiyev, an 11 th grade student, compared the complex process of generating electricity to the workings of the human body:

– The station consists of many parts, such as boilers, transformers and generators. It is when you see these devices that you realize how complex is the process of producing what we use every day. I particularly remembered the chemical shop where water quality is tested by titration. It was very interesting to observe the purity of the gas emitted.

For Yernat Myrzakul, an 8 th grade student, the excursion to the station was a source of new information. He learnt where the water for the city comes from, how electricity is produced and how much power the equipment at the station operates with.

– It was interesting for me to visit the station, continued Maulen Magzhan, an 8 th grade student. – It is immediately obvious that the station employs professionals in their field. CHPP-1 produces not only electricity but also heat, which makes it even more important for the local infrastructure. Also paid attention to the railway and the mini-laboratory.

The excursion to the power plant was a unique chance for students to see the plant with their own eyes.