Business conversation about the main things

Meetings of the Chairman of the Management Board of JSC "AlES" Erik Mashirov with representatives of the youth organization "Zharkyn Bolashak" are becoming systematic. What is natural: to solve pressing issues of production and staff, it is important to formulate them, discuss with all parties, jointly develop algorithms for solving them. Therefore, if the first meeting of young people with the head of the company was more of an introductory meeting, this time there was a business conversation about what tasks need to be solved to improve the work of the enterprise, to increase the social security of employees.

– The meeting was held as part of the new policy to attract and retain young people in the company. It raised important issues, including for young employees, says Gulnaz Merembai, metrological engineer at Cascade of HPP. – I like the fact that in our company you can build a good career and rise from an ordinary specialist to the head of the shop. This has been emphasized many times by Erik Kanyshbekovich, who himself has made a remarkable career as a very young man. He is very attentive to details and takes his work responsibly. I was once again convinced that our Chairman of the Management Board is always ready to help and support active conscientious, purposeful employees. He is able to motivate young people to achieve their goals, creates an atmosphere of camaraderie and trust, collective spirit. The atmosphere of the meeting was conducive to openly asking questions and discussing important issues. During this dialogue I received a lot of interesting and useful information, plus a good energy boost.

During the meeting with the Chairman of the Management Board, a wide range of issues were raised. Among them were gender equality, motivation of employees, their training and acquisition of specialties, principles of upgrading working grades and "cadre elevator", staff turnover, as well as leisure, sports and participation in the "AlmatyMarathon", cultural events, reading circle, charity...


– Each participant of the meeting could ask a question and get a detailed answer. This gave the conversation depth and sincere interest, said Aidar Beissenov, Chief Specialist of Electric Machine Shop of Kapshagayskaya HPP. – The Chairman of the Board also shared useful advice and recommendations with us. The atmosphere was friendly and the meeting was effective. All participants of the dialogue highly appreciated this format of communication: it is a great way to combine information exchange with pleasant communication and get valuable advice from the company management.





Sain Sanzhar, a leading process engineer at Fuel Reception and Unloading Center, noted the ability of the first head of the company to find a common language with young people and inspire them with initiative. "This had a positive impact on the team and opened new perspectives for creative development and growth", said Sanzhar Sain.




The informal breakfast without ties allowed for a deep dive into a topic that is topical for both the company and each employee personally – personnel policy. Aizada Tleukhan, Chief Specialist of the PPD says:

– We frankly discussed problematic issues, including staff turnover. The general conclusion that we can gradually change the current situation through joint efforts is very important. For me personally, this meeting made me realize that it is important not just to discuss problems, but to actively act, work and strive to improve the situation in the company. Young power engineers not only participated in the dialogue, but also set their own goals, said instrumentation and control engineer of HPP-1 Adil Abildayev. He noted that he learned a lot of useful things from the dialogue with the manager, but most importantly, he set clear goals and objectives for himself, which he hopes to adhere to. "I am glad that our management keeps up with time", concluded Adil.



The emphasis on self-development and its impact on the future development of the energy sector and the interconnection of these processes particularly appealed to Zhanerka Panarkhankyzy, Production Preparation Engineer of PTD at PRC "Energoremont". – The development concepts and statistics presented by Erik Mashirov showed the prospects and inspired us to new ideas and revise some of our own views on production, Zhanerke says. – The event was not only informative, but also inspiring for further achievements and development. I highly recommend such meetings for anyone who is looking for personal and professional growth.





Aitkali Akniyet, an electrician at PRC "Energoremont", shares the passion of the head of AlES for reading, believing that it is one of the keys to constant personal development. Which also gives additional motivation to young employees. And Miras Madikassymov, electrician on repair of relay protection and automation equipment of WHC at the end of the meeting expressed himself aphoristically: "Separately we are one drop. Together we are an ocean. I call everyone to unity, and then we will succeed. Together we go forward with a firm belief in the future!"



Assem Saduakas, a process engineer in the Chemical Service of WHC, also agreed with him, noting the "inspiring example of the young leader in achieving the set goals".

The results of the meeting were summed up by Asset Amirbekov, Head of Repair Service of CHPP-1 named after B.Orazbayev, Chairman of the youth organisation, sharing his plans:

"After meeting with the chairman, the youth are very motivated. We brainstormed the issue of improving sports in the departments and preparation for the annual spartakiada of "Samruk- Kazyna" JSC. We prepared a presentation with suggestions on how to improve sports in the company. We have about 612 employees participate annually in the qualifying spartakiada of JSC "AlES" in 11 kinds of sports, which is 20% of the number of personnel of our company.

The guys also proposed to set up a Board of Honour for our spartakiada winners. This will not only recognize the merits of our champions, but will also motivate our employees to take part in sports. In particular, two options of motivation were proposed: awarding the winners of the sports day under the collective agreement or awarding them with subscriptions to fitness centres.



Young people want to play sport, want to make it part of their lives, want to popularise a healthy lifestyle, serve as team building, promote team spirit in sports such as football, volleyball and basketball. We have also proposed several options to modernize our sports grounds. There is a great interest among the staff in team games such as football, volleyball and basketball. But so far, the existing conditions do not quite allow young people to fully engage in them.

Therefore, we made a proposal to modernize the existing grounds at CHPP-1 and CHPP-2. An economic feasibility study was carried out with calculations of the payback period. Now there is a big deficit of sports halls in the city, and the rent is high. And in summer time it is extremely difficult to find a free ground at a convenient time for us. If there are good grounds at our facilities, the staff will have a modern, well-equipped sports area for sports with a workout ground within walking distance.

Following the presentation of proposals for the modernization of existing playgrounds, if positive decisions are made, they will be reconstructed in stages by our own forces and with the involvement of third-party organizations.

In general, I think that such meetings with the leadership give a positive dynamic to the personal development of the youth of our community. Open dialogues with the chairman allow them to directly ask acute questions, make suggestions, discuss and move the common cause forward. I believe that this is not the last project from the youth of our society, I believe that it will be realised, as well as other plans of young power engineers of "AlES" JSC.