Crocheting. From passion to mastery...

Nadezhda Maikhrovich, a technician of automatic telephone communication of the Cascade of hydroelectric power plants, told about her hobby

The hobby of crocheting appeared, we can say recently. I worked at that time in Kazakhtelecom. One of the girls offered to go to a crochet course, not far from work. And we agreed.

Everything was very interesting to me, and there was a great desire to learn something new. We were taught by a wonderful teacher, a master of his craft. She herself has been knitting since childhood, her grandmother taught her.

So began our interesting days of learning the hook and schemes. I won't say that everything worked out right away, but there was a desire to create something with your own hands. At the courses, we were given only the basics for a month. The knitting process fascinated me, and I decided that I would continue to improve my skill myself. And so it turned out.

My first big job was a shawl as a gift, I knitted it in a week. I was surprised by such a quick result myself. This project was very interesting for its painstaking work, a lot of patience is needed.

One day I started knitting myself a cardigan, but I didn't calculate the size. I had to dissolve the whole and tie it up again, it turned out to be a long time, but the result pleased me. In spring and autumn I wear it with pleasure.

I don't like to knit to order. I can just tie it up and give it as a gift, usually to close people. I knitted two scarves for my nephew, which he wears, and he likes them, one is very warm, the second is thin under his coat in spring.

I take different yarns for work, again depending on what I'm going to knit. I look for ideas on the Internet, buy specialized magazines. For example, "Fashion Magazine. Crocheting". I can't say for sure what I like to knit more. If there is inspiration, then I like to knit both for myself and for the children.

I recommend crocheting to anyone who is interested in handmade work, and who has patience.