Music is a separate world...

Alexey Prokofiev, a leading engineer of the automated production management system of the HPP Cascade, who can play seven instruments, told about his hobby




Passion for music appeared from the eighth grade. It all started with the lyrics of a song that I wrote and brought to a classmate. He studied at a music school. Then everything started spinning. From rubbed calluses to blood on the fingers.

Music is a separate world, which can calm, and maybe give cheerfulness. After all, it's not for nothing that before, along with the infantry, they always sent musrota to maintain the mood and inspire victory.

As such, I can only call myself a teacher. But while I was learning to play instruments, I learned a lot of good people and excellent teachers. We exchanged experiences and emotions. I have no musical education. Perhaps because of this, I did not erect around myself some kind of framework for what music should be.

I can play various instruments: guitar, drums, violin, dombra, ukulele, cajon, triangle. But I prefer the bass guitar, it is closer to me and to my liking. Recently, I often play the ukulele (ukulele). After all, it has quite a sound and it is much smaller in size than a traditional guitar. This makes it easy to move around with it, it is convenient especially when hiking. And it's perfect for campfire songs. And if someone else has a guitar, then together these two instruments sound very harmonious.

Ideas for creativity are taken literally from everywhere, from sounds on the street to strange "attacks" in the head. As A. Rosenbaum said: God alone (the Almighty) only knows how songs are born... A lot of musical phrases came to music from factories, how the machine knocks, how the saw at the sawmill rings. One of the life hacks of how to come up with music is to transfer to a guitar or any other instrument that you have heard somewhere. And depending on the style of music, the same piece of music will sound different.

I don't have a favorite piece of music, because I believe that where the soul is embedded, and not a typical set of sounds for meaningless text, there is something unique. But at the same time, do not forget about the taste of music and preferences. If you don't like something, it doesn't mean that everyone should dislike it and vice versa.

Now I play in two bands, one mainly for tribute evenings, the other for original songs. We play heavy music, so there are not so many venues for performances in Almaty, but I try to be everywhere.

The feeling of playing in a team is being filled with emotions and at the same time being tired of people who listen to you. Rehearsals are like a second job. No one will be interested in your creativity if you have falsified a note or played crookedly. Well played, people will come to listen to you again.

On average, it takes me 6-8 hours a week to play instruments. This, of course, is not enough, but no one canceled work, household chores, everyday life, cooking.

Unfortunately, it takes a lot of money for good equipment to realize all your creativity. Nowadays, no one will be surprised by songs recorded simply on a cassette or disc, everywhere there is a quality threshold, criteria.

I would recommend music lessons to everyone. You don't even have to perform for someone, just for yourself. When you play an instrument, both hemispheres work for you at once, and this is self-development, an extraordinary approach to any problems develops, This can have a positive effect on your main job, because critical thinking will never be superfluous, well, you will always be in demand on vacation in the company.