Industrial safety – begins with training!

Manufacturing companies with efficient and well-trained employees are successful. The priority for JSC "AlES" is occupational safety. One of the main directions in the field of HSE in the company is industrial safety training for occupational health and safety specialists of JSC AlES. At the end of spring 2022, 33 employees were trained.

The classes were conducted by an experienced teacher Tatiana Andreevna Solodilova. Previously, she worked as a senior inspector for the technical operation of the power plant at CHP-3. Tatiana Andreevna's total work experience in the energy sector is 40 years.

– Key attention is paid to the training of industrial safety of facilities with hazardous working conditions, – said Tatiana Solodilova. – The training is aimed at improving the skills of employees for the purpose of safe work. The knowledge and skills acquired by employees allow minimizing the consequences of emergency situations that may arise in the workplace.

Employees who have been trained, as practice shows, work more efficiently and feel their value and respect in the workplace.

– Our training is organized at a high level, I want to thank Sabikenova Zhanar, the head of the Personnel Training Department of AlES JSC, for organizing it. The classes were very informative, we learned a lot of new and useful things. During the training, visual aids on lifting mechanisms are used and handouts are provided, – said Laila Orazbayeva, an inspector for HSE of the B.Orazbayev CHP-1.

The training of employees at AlES JSC not only contributes to ensuring the safety of the work carried out and guarantees compliance with legal requirements, but also has a positive effect on the results of production activities.