In our work, the main qualities are discipline and professionalism...

Our hero today is Alexander V. Fresher, shift supervisor of the fuel and transport shop of CHP-3

I came to work at the power plant in 1983, right after serving in the Soviet Army. Before the army, he graduated from vocational school No.24 Taldykorgan is a mechanic of land reclamation works by specialty.

I got a job at CHP-3 in February 1983 as a locksmith on duty in a fuel and transport workshop, in October I transferred to a bulldozer operator. For 10 years he worked on various brands of bulldozer. Why I stayed in this position for so long, probably because I had a passion and passion for technology since childhood.

As a child, I dreamed of following in my father's footsteps, he was my mechanic. He worked in the field and was always an authority for me. So I decided to become a mechanic too.

I remember well my first mentor at the station, it was Rais Hasanovich Sirozidinov, a very competent specialist. He helped me acquire my first professional skills. Since 1993, I have been working as a shift supervisor of the fuel and transport shop of CHP-3. This was a high step in my career. I had to acquire personnel management skills, because working with people obliges the manager to be sociable, honest, fair, but also, of course, to have professional skills.

During his time as a shift supervisor, he was engaged in mentoring work, trained more than a dozen experienced specialists.

In difficult situations, I always make a decision based on my personal experience. In our work, the main qualities are discipline and professionalism. I don't like to be late myself and I demand from my subordinates that they observe labor and production discipline. Working in the energy sector is very responsible and dangerous, and especially in production. Therefore, compliance with safety regulations is the key to safe operation.

In April of this year, for active participation in the SKE project, conducting a leadership behavioral safety audit and compiling a safe work analysis, he was awarded a letter of thanks from "Samruk-Energo" JSC in Nur-Sultan. It was very nice to receive this award. Of course, this is not only my merit, but also our entire friendly team.



I spend my free time with my family. I like to go on vacation in the mountains. My family always supports me. I am a happy grandfather, I have beloved grandchildren.

I think that the profession of an energy engineer is prestigious, and I am proud to work in the energy industry. After all, it is impossible to imagine the present and the future without energy.