Silver at the World Bench Press Championships

Oleg Pekushchev, a repairman of the reinforcement and mechanical workshop of the Energoremont PRP, took second place at the World Championships and Championships in bench press and classic bench press

High skill and excellent technique helped Oleg Pekushchev to climb to the second step of the sports podium of the World Championships and Championships in bench press and classic bench press, held on May 21, 2022 in Almaty. Oleg took the weight of 210 kg and beat the nearest rival by 35 kg. He performed among veterans in the age category from 40 to 50 years and in the weight category from 74 to 83 kg.

– Since I was eight years old, I have been doing sports professionally, – Oleg Pekushchev shared. – Over a 16-year period of training, he achieved the title of candidate for master of sports in Greco-Roman wrestling, was a multiple winner and prize-winner of world and national competitions.

Oleg graduated from the Kazakh State Academy of Sports and Tourism in 2000. He received a second higher education in the specialty of an automotive engineer. In 2012, he works in the reinforcement and mechanical workshop of the Energy Repair plant of JSC "AlES". After a short interval in sports and, already working, to maintain physical fitness, Oleg began to work out in the gym again.

– My current coach D. Bondik, seeing the potential in me, suggested that I try my hand at the new discipline of bench press, – Oleg continued. – I started training, performing at competitions. This year, the International Powerlifting Federation invited me to take part in the World Championships and Championships in Bench press and classic bench press, which is the 50th anniversary. Thanks to the support of the trade union committee of the PRP Energoremont, I took part in the championship. Separately, I thank my work team for believing in me.

– The trade union is helping Oleg Pekushchev not for the first time. In 2018, he participated in the Asian Bench Press Championship, which was held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and took first place", shared Syrymbet Zharovich, Chairman of the Energia Trade Union. And also in 2019 he took two prizes at the Asian Classic Powerlifting Championship, which was held in Almaty.

Fariza Botakarayeva, a leading software engineer at the Energoremont PRP of "AlES" JSC, chairman of the Zharkyn Bolashak youth organization of "AlES" JSC, was looking for sportswear specifically for Oleg and found a branded tracksuit of the Kazakhstan National team so that our hero would correspond to the international level.

– We are very proud when our flag is raised and developed in international sports arenas! Our Oleg – well done, took second place among 35 countries! Fariza Botakarayeva said enthusiastically. – Last time, the youth organization "Zharkyn Bolashak" of JSC "AlES" also supported our Oleg when he performed here in Almaty. We were very happy when our Oleg proudly sang the national Anthem of Kazakhstan under our national flag, with his hand under his heart. Our young guys got a lot of emotions. We thought about giving our children to professional sports, so that in the future our children would also perform and take prizes on world arenas.

The labor collective of the reinforcement and mechanical workshop of the PRP "Energoremont" is always sick and supports Oleg. Master Zhandos Kacheev has been working with Oleg for the eighth year.

– As long as I have known Oleg, sport has always played a special role in his life. For our part, we always cheer for him at all competitions. I witnessed the whole preparation process, and I will say it very hard, Zhandos Kacheev continued. – Why is it hard, because it is necessary to combine both work and training, it is necessary to calculate the strength in order to be in peak shape by the date of the performance. During the performance, our emotions went through the roof, there was a feeling that I was performing myself, I felt the tension of every muscle. From the podium, we could only cheer him up, support him, applaud.

The staff of JSC "AlES" wishes Oleg Pekushchev good health, strength and new victories!