Veteran power engineer Vasily Ignatievich Minin, ex-deputy head of the fuel and transport shop at CHPP-3, shares his memories. He has 45 years of experience in the energy sector.

In March 2022, Almaty CHPP-3 celebrates its 60th anniversary. The construction of CHPP-3 began, like all construction projects of that time, with tents in an open field. It was difficult, but enthusiasm, faith in the best gave strength to overcome all difficulties.

People from all over the Soviet Union came to the construction of CHPP-3. I came to Kazakhstan from the city of Severomorsk in 1963 on assignment after the army. I was sent on a Komsomol ticket, it was possible to choose Chelyabinsk, Karaganda, Alma-Ata. I chose Alma-Ata. I really wanted to eat real apples.

As a child, I did not even dream of energy. You could say it was a matter of chance. After graduating from school, he entered the shipbuilding technical school in the city of Severomorsk, where my brothers lived, closer to relatives. After graduating from college, he retrained as a mechanic. Was sent to Murmansk on a trawler. He served in the city of Vyborg as a naval aviation mechanic. Returned from the army, got married.

In 1964 he came to Alma-Ata with his wife. We were given a room in a hostel. They lived modestly, but amicably. He came to the station in 1964 as an assistant boiler driver.

Of course, I tried to learn, knowledge was not enough. He entered the Kazakh Polytechnic Institute. At that time, the station management supported the training of young workers. They allocated a special bus to take us to school.

He worked at the station, seriously carried away by innovation. Ideas poured in like rain. If you look at my workbook, it is all covered with notes, bonuses for the implementation of the rationalization proposal. The end result of my hobby is a car that I assembled completely with my own hands. It's called Mi1.

Boiler shop team

During my work at the station, I worked in almost all structural divisions. From 1964 to 1968 he worked in the boiler shop, first as an assistant driver, then as a boiler operator, and as a boiler operator. Then three years as a safety engineer, from 1971 to 1974 – shift supervisor of the electrical shop.

Our weekdays and holidays  

Then he returned to the boiler shop as a deputy head, in 1987 he was transferred to the fuel and transport shop as the head of the shop. From 2006 to 2009 he worked as deputy head of the fuel and transport department. Went to work like a holiday. I really enjoyed working with people. Power engineers are friendly and close-knit people. They worked together, studied together, went to festive events, often went on vacation, to go fishing.

November 7th celebration 

May 1st celebration  

Families and dynasties were created at the station. In order to work successfully in the energy sector and reach some heights, one must, of course, love one's profession and observe safety precautions. Still, it is a dangerous business.

I believe that the profession of power engineering will always be in demand, because without power engineering there is nowhere. Everyone who is going to work at a power plant needs to have a deep knowledge of physics, mathematics, and chemistry.

If I had to start all over again, I would not have changed anything in my life, I also connected my life with energy.

After leaving for a well-deserved rest, favorite hobbies appeared – this is a summer residence and fishing. I spend all summer at the cottage. In my free time, I go fishing with my wife.