AlES JSC has worked out a strict algorithm of the company’s work in terms of personnel requirements, protocols and procedures are clearly defined, adjusted for sanitary and epidemiological requirements for the non-proliferation of COVID-19. And the power engineers work in this rhythm in the normal mode.

The spread of a new variety of COVID-19 strain "omicron" has led to a new wave of coronavirus incidence among the population. "Omicron" is more dangerous than other strains due to its high contagiousness. Compared with the previous strain "delta" infectivity increased by more than 4 times. The incubation period was also significantly reduced, which began to be 3-6 days.

Symptoms of "omicron" are similar to other varieties of coronavirus and seasonal SARS. This is an increase in temperature up to 38 °C, sometimes even higher, aching muscles and joints, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, sneezing, coughing, loss of appetite. When sick with a strain of "omicron", patients often suffer from headaches and weakness, but less often they lose their sense of smell and taste.       

Personal prevention measures for workers remain the same, first of all, it is necessary to undergo vaccination and revaccination, wash hands frequently with soap and treat them with antiseptic agents, if possible, reduce the number of contacts and stay in crowded places, it is mandatory to wear masks in enclosed spaces, crowded places and when traveling by transport, maintain social distance, regularly ventilate the premises.

To prevent the spread of coronavirus infection among the employees of AlES JSC, all necessary measures are being taken in the production departments and the head office of AlES JSC. Disinfection tunnels and mats have been installed at the entrance groups to the territory. At the entrance to the territory, constant temperature control is carried out with stationary non-contact thermometers. Hand sanitizers have been installed in all production and service premises in accordance with approved internal standards. All employees are provided with medical masks and, if necessary, medical gloves. Twice a day, sanitization of all office premises and workplaces is carried out.



– In 2021, 15.9 million tenge was spent on the purchase of medical masks and gloves, antiseptics. In 2022, it is planned to allocate 33.1 million tenge from the company's budget for their purchase, – said Karim Sartaev, Head of the Industrial Safety Department of AlES JSC. 

To organize the work of AlES JSC for the period of the coronavirus pandemic, relevant orders were issued and instructions were issued to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection. The admission of personnel of contractors, third parties to the territory of the facilities of JSC "APP" is carried out only through the application "Ashyq". Transfer of a part of workers to a remote mode of work is organized.


Workshops are held online using audiovisual technology. Measures have been developed and an algorithm of actions has been implemented to timely detect cases of coronavirus infection among employees and prevent further spread of coronavirus infection among employees.



AlES JSC is actively working to inform personnel on preventive and other measures for the personal safety of employees during the coronavirus pandemic, said Zhanar Shekeyeva, chief specialist of the Industrial Safety and Health Administration. The information boards contain information posters describing the signs of coronavirus infection, actions to be taken when a disease is detected, and preventive measures to prevent employees from falling ill. This information is duplicated by e-mail.

Schedules, standards for monitoring quarantine conditions have been worked out, a circle of specialists has been identified who can work remotely and ensure the smooth operation of the entire complex. The personnel discipline adopted new requirements for compliance with labor protection and health requirements during the period of coronavirus infection. AlESis confident in its employees who will cope with any difficult job. The team has proven that it can work effectively in any extreme mode.