It is a good tradition of our republic to award state awards for the holidays. So on September 2, 2020, employees of JSC "AlES" Bagdaulet Ustenov, Managing Director of the Kapshagai HPP, and Tulegen Kochkinbayev, chief engineer of the HPP Cascade, were awarded medals for the 25th anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Bagdaulet Ustenov has been working at various facilities of the Almaty power complex for more than 24 years. He started his career as an electrician for the operation of electric meters of the Zhambyl RES

- I express my sincere gratitude for the evaluation of my work and the jubilee medal, - Bagdaulet Ustenov shared. - Power engineers devote their lives to a difficult, but very important and necessary task. Thanks to the professionalism and responsibility of power engineers, residents of the Almaty region can work safely, lead a life, and plan for the future. I am proud that I chose this profession.
One of the young ones in the list of awardees from JSC "AlES" is Tulegen Kochkinbayev. He started his production activity in 1996 at CHPP-1 as an electrical mechanic.- I am very pleased and very pleased to receive this award now.
Why, I'm just overwhelmed with a sense of pride to be among the awardees, " Tulegen said sincerely. - Of course, this award is not only mine, but also for my team. The CHPP Cascade team is my advisor, my support, and my judge. Guys, this is our common merit, it is absolutely deserved, and I thank you for it and for being here with us. Thank you all!
Four employees were awarded by JSC "Almaty Electric Power Stations" on the Day of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan.