The tournament was held in the billiard club "NAP". It was attended by 22 employees, fans of this sport.

In early July 2019, a billiards tournament was held among the employees of “Almaty ElectricPower Stations” JSC, dedicated to the Day of Astana. In total, the tournament was attended by: 4 people from TPP-1, TPP-2, PRP “Energoremont”, Head Office and 2 people from WTK, Kapshagai Hydroelectric Power Station and central heating station.

As a result of a stubborn struggle, the strongest players were identified. The tournament was won by DauletKaramoldaev, electrician for the repair of relay protection equipment at TPP-1, the second place was taken by Sergey Ametov, head of the Repair Service of TPP-1, in third place was NurzhanIsabaev, Managing Director for Legal Affairs.

- The billiards tournament has already become traditional for the company's employees. I think this is a good opportunity to show your skills and chat with fans of billiards, which is very popular with us, - said Sergei Ametov.

The best players will participate in a billiard tournament among energy companies dedicated to the Day of the Power Engineer. This competition has become a good tradition of power engineers.