On June 26, 2019, the first shift was officially opened at the Edelweiss childrens health camp. 135 children came to rest and improve their health. For five decades, “Edelweiss” has been giving children unforgettable experiences and wonderful memories of the summer.

Yana Gorbovskaya is in the camp for the fourth time: “I like everything here, especially hiking in the mountains. This year we couldnot recognize the camp. He bloomed and shone with different colors. Artists did a great job. ”

- We tried to prepare for the arrival of the children. This year they planted a birch alley, purchased additional wooden beds, colored benches, swings, and special playgrounds. We create all conditions for the recovery of children. Shifts are updated every 15 days. Experienced teachers will work with children,-said ValeriySitdikov, union chairman.

Children are being waited for quests, creative contests, sports and much more. This summer, it is planned to improve over five hundred children in three shifts.