In spring, JSC “AlES” begins a period of “renewal” of equipment - a repair campaign, where the main component is the “Energoremont” PRP. The repair staff have been working hard for eight months, day and night . After all, the reliability of energy sources is, above all, a stable provision of our population with heat and light.

Since the start of the repair campaign, the priority task of AlES JSC is the timely and high-quality repair of the main and auxiliary equipment of the stations. The Repair Service is the key structural subdivision in the Energoremont PRP, which ensures the organization of preparation and repairs. The repair service of the Energoremont PRP is a team consisting of young qualified specialists.

Aidar Imankulov has been heading the Repair Service for the past five years.

- I wanted to become an engineer at 17 years old. As a high school student at a lyceum, after the tenth grade in the summer holidays, my brothers and I went to the construction site to earn money. Of course, I was just simple a laborer, and my job was not easy. On hot summer days, to insulate the roofing with ruberoid, I had to work with a gas burner on the roof of a high-rise building, sometimes they sent me into an elevator shaft to beat the concrete with a jackhammer, sometimes I had to insulate the walls with glass wool. Until that moment, whoever I had ever dreamed of becoming in the future: in childhood I dreamed of being a doctor, then a lawyer, then a diplomat, an ambassador.

-But while working as a construction worker, I closely watched as an engineer in white helmets and clean overalls walked around the object with some drawings and diagrams in his hand and discussed something, gestured. They were highly qualified and competent specialists with higher technical education. And at that moment I decided to become like them - to become an engineer.

Yes, but why energy, you can ask?

Since the beginning of the last academic year in the Lyceum, I did not hesitate to choose physics as the fourth special subject for the UNT and I was already diligently and purposefully preparing for this event. Like all applicants, I wanted to go to the grant. At UNT, I scored 91 points and entered a grant in thermal power engineering at AIEC. My student years were spent within the walls of the Almaty Institute of Energy and Communications, which gave me a lot and to which I am very grateful and always will be faithful.

After graduation, I became a bachelor of power engineering and worked in Almaty heat networks for about a year. And in July 2012, SakenSuinbekovichTutebayev, who I respected him more, invited to his team in the “Energoremont” PRP, whose director at that time was AskarKurmashevichShanlakbaev. I agreedhappily, I was all very warmly welcomed here. I got the position of lead engineer for production management of the Repair Service.And two years later I was appointed to the position of head of service. I am very grateful to my leaders, in particular, SakenSuinbekovichTyutebayev, AskarKurmashevichShanlakbaev and Igor AnatolyevichGlushkov. I thank them for their trust, -shared AidarImankulov.

As noted above, the Repair Service is an advanced unit of the Energoremont PRP, where daily heat work processes take place. Every day thenew cases is waiting for repairingService. There is no monotonous routine work, each task you face with new difficulties, overcoming which you learn a lot of new things. At the beginning of the new year, you start to participate in the formation of annual reports, then with the start of the repair campaign you spend a lot of time in the production departments, participate in the organization of repair work, attend the repair headquarters of energy sources and take direct part in solving problem issues regarding the repair work. The repair service of the Energoremont PRP cooperates with all structural divisions within the department, with many offices of the head office and structural divisions in the production departments of AlES JSC.

The repair personnel of the “Energoremont” PRP performs an enormous amount of work on planned standard and major repairs of equipment, carries out repair and maintenance services and operational emergency restoration work. For example, in the period of the repair campaign in 2018, 54 planned repairs of the main heat and power equipment of power enterprises of AlES JSC were actually carried out. Including 20 power boilers, 13 turbine units, 19 water boilers, etc.

These are only scheduled repair works performed according to the approved schedule of AlES JSC. Also, the Energoremont PRP performs additional unscheduled scope of work, manufacturing metal structures and heating surfaces, vibro-adjusting works, metal control works, etc. . The main resource of the enterprise are highly qualified employees and professionals in their field

One of them is the chief specialist of the repair service DaniyarBatyrov. He was born in Almaty in a large family, in the family of an artist and physics teacher. Daniyar is obliged to the mother, the teacher of physics, to choose the right profession.

- When I was 5 years old, during the summer holidays she somehow took me to work, DaniyarBatyrov said. - In the school laboratory, when I first saw electrical appliances, my mother decided to show the inclusion of a light bulb, putting together a simple electrical circuit, thereby showing me the laws of physics. After that, I started my passion for physics. He entered the Almaty Institute of Energy and Communications on the specialty "Power". I got acquainted with Almaty Thermal Power Plant-2 in production practice after the 3rdacademic year. The huge production, the process of generating electrical and thermal power, the production that gives people light and heat, inspired me.

Immediately after graduation, I came to CHPP-2 in 2008, to the electrical shop for the position of duty electrician for electrical equipment maintenance. In 2009, on the recommendation of the training center of JSC AlES, under the program of training of specialists, I entered the magistracy at the Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunications on the specialty “Electric Power Engineering”, and also on his own initiative entered the Almaty University of Technology at the specialty “Economics”.

At that time I was working on the shift work. Combining work and study, I was rarely at home "from work to study, from study to work." Then the work became my second home, and the staff of the electrical shop became my family. I am grateful to everyone for their understanding and support during my study. Workingat CHP-2, Iwent througth huge school.

In February 2011, I defended my thesis and received a master's degree in engineering and technology in the specialty “Electric Power Engineering”, and also in July of the same year I defended a graduate project in economics.

In 2013, the youth organization “ZharkynBolashak” was created in our company. Having visited the 1st Youth Organization Forum, I decided to join it to expand my social circle, professional horizons, exchange of experience, because in this organization all participants were from different departments of our company. In addition to their work, participants of the youth organization participated in many cultural and sporting events, and in the organization of charitable foundations.

Since 2014, I passed the competition for the vacant position of lead engineer for the management of the production of the repair service of the Energoremont PRP. At the new job, I received new opportunities to study the entire composition of electrical and heating equipment of energy sources, such as CHP-1, CHP-2, CHP-3 and WHC, since the main activity of the Energoremont PRP is repair and maintenance of all our equipment the company. A friendly, united team helped me quickly get up to speed.

After a year of my work in the repair service, as decided by the management of the Energoremont PRP, I was put in personnel reserve for the head of the repair service. As part of the personnel reserve, I have passed seminars, business trainings, courses such as art business presentations, mediative competencies for managers, a user of the ABC-4 program (estimated program) of the subsystem “Repair of energy equipment ONV REO”, modern management technologies of the energy-producing organization and others.

From 2015 to 2016, together with the personnel training department, I conducted training for employees on drawing up estimate documentation using the ABC-4 program in the subsystem “Repair of energy equipment of the NVG REO”. I have trained more than 60 employees of the Energoremont PRP, and 25 employees of the production departments of AlES JSC.

2015 was a special year for me at WHC during the submission of a report on the work done to a youth organization over the past year I met my soul mate, her name is Assem. Six months later we were married, where many were witnesses from our company. Now we have two beautiful little children, daughter Kausar and son Alikhan.

In my life, the company JSC "Almaty Power Plants" takes a particularly important role. It is my family, interesting work, friends and a good team!

Korkemzhan Rashiduly, lead engineer, has been working in the Repair Service recently. He is hereditary energetic. In his family-his father, the younger brother, the father’s brothers and sisters and their children work in the energy sector - a real labor dynasty.

- As a schoolboy, I was faced with a big question: "Who do I see myself in the future?".There were two answers: 1. Energetic. 2. The sphere of medicine, - shared KorkemzhanRashiduly. - I decided after meeting with my friend and father’s colleague. He spoke about his work. What is power, turbine shop, main shop, auxiliary shop, what is the boiler, how everything works. As a real expert in his field, he advised to follow in his father's footsteps - energy.I was very impressed in his story about the activities of energy, and I already knew exactly who I would be after graduation.

I entered the Almaty State College of Energy and Electronic Instrument Making. Having received a diploma in secondary special education in 2010, at the age of 20 I got a job as an electrician of the 3rd grade of the CTAI. This is how my energy career began. In the workshop of thermal automatics and measurements (CTAI) I was engaged in the repair and maintenance of instrumentation, remote control, automation and technological protection.

After working for eight years at CTAI, I moved to the Repair Service. Each new day gives me new opportunities for advanced training. We have a solid team that will always prompt, advise, help and support.

Work in the repair service is interesting for its constant workload, control over repair work, preparation, organization, planning, participation in solving problems, cooperation. Young promising guys from the Repair Service meticulously, almost detailed, fulfill their duties. All of them are founders and activists of the youth organization “ZharkynBolashak”. JSC AlESplacesgreathopesontheyouth.