In April 2019, activists of the youth organization "ZharkynBolashak" together with the trade union of JSC "AlES" visited large families of Auezov district of Almaty.

Многодетная семья

Многодетная семья


-Today we saw the conditions in which large families live, talked with them, found out about their problems. For over six years we have been doing charity work, constantly providing all possible support to people in need. Today, in order to support, we presented food baskets, -shared BaglanOmirov, an activist of a youth organization, chief specialist of the Technical Control Service for Fuel of JSC “AlES”.

Recently, special attention has been paid to large families and low-income families. Today, company representatives have visited three different families. Among them, GuldanaKaldybaeva, a single mother of four children isin strained circumstances. Six years ago, her husband had gone. The eldest daughter Meruert (20 years old) is studying at the Kazakh National Agrarian University. The remaining three children: Aruzhan (12 years old), Yerkebulan (10 years old) and Zhasulan (8 years old) are at home with Mom. All three have a diagnosis of "childhood autism."

Autism is a disorder in the development of the nervous system, noted for the first time in childhood, and the steady course of the disorder .:The family rents an apartment. Children neither do something on their own nor talk. As their motherGuldana says: “We had to move to Almaty in order to treat our children, just for their health. In our small village there are lack of qualified specialists on the treatment of autism and special institutions. It's not easy for me to care about that kind of children alone. If there is, one child is sick, I would have done it. And here all my three are ill. It is physically hard for me to take them to special centers for children with autism.Despite this, we try to visit rehabilitation centers.There are specialists in the field of early development, correctional care, taking into account the special needs of children with autism and helping parents to unlock the potential of their child. Thanks to such centers we can help our children. I receive a pension for children. The costs are big.I hope I can get a quota for their treatment.But it is not so easy. It is necessary to collect documents, pass medicaltestings, etc. Like any mother, I want to cure all my children. I have hope for the younger son, Zhasulan, he is more quick-witted, understands the words: "do not touch, it is impossible, open and close the door." Unfortunately, we identified the disease of our children very late. When I realized that my children are special, not like everyone else, I already gave birth to a fourth child. In their early childhood, my children were not different from other children. They could not just talk, the doctors reassured me that they said the children had a late development ... I am very grateful to the staff ofJSC“AlES” for their attention to our problems and for the help provided.

Activists of the youth organization “ZharkynBolashak” JSC “AlES” have taken this family as a donation and will visit and help them as far as possible. The world is not without good people.

Fariza Botakaraeva

Chairman of the youth organization "Zharkyn Bolashak"