Leaderboard 2018

The traditional opening of AlES JSC Board of Honor took place on the eve of the Energy Worker Day. To choose the best foremost production is a very difficult task. Work experience, professionalism, initiative, etc. are taken into account. The work of a person who has dedicated himself to the power industry, whether a young specialist, an engineer, worker or manager is equally necessary for our country. Everyone who works in the energy sector, invests their strength and talent, deserves the greatest gratitude! On the leaderboard are photos and the names of the 9 best employees of this year. They are an example of our team.

2018-01-03 063018

Chasovnikova Natalya Grigoryevna, Head of the Production and Technical Department of the Cascade of Hydroelectric Power Stations

"I came to the Cascade of Hydroelectric Power Station in 2009 as a technical equipment engineer and for more than 5 years I have been its head.

I immediately liked the enterprise itself, which has a long and glorious history, and the people who work for it and among whom entire working dynasties have already been formed. Working here, imperceptibly for yourself you absorb what constitutes the invisible atmosphere of the enterprise - awareness of the importance of your work, responsibility for the work entrusted, professionalism, and also a sense of pride in the fact of working here.

I am particularly pleased that at the Cascade of Hydroelectric Power Stations the spirit of collectivism and mutual assistance has been preserved and is being transmitted to new employees. The case, which I do, includes all aspects of the production activities of the department. VET is the headquarters, which, on the basis of the information it receives, develops solutions both to ensure the current operational activities of the HPP Cascade - technological, regime, maintenance, etc., and on its future development (reconstruction).

Congratulations to all the employees of our company with the new year of 2018! I want to wish everyone great happiness, peace in the soul, family harmony, friendly relations within the team! May good luck be a faithful companion, and success in any business. May all your dreams and plans come true in the coming year! "

2018-01-03 063041Sagymbaeva Zyna Alimmeytovna, 4th category pumping machine driver of the boiler shop Western Thermal Complex 

"It is a great honor for me, the Board of Honor of AlES JSC is my first reward and I am overwhelmed with joy and excitement.

I believe that this is not only my merit, but also the merit of the entire team of the boiler shop, headed by Baizakhov Kenzhebay Ilyasovich. Thank you very much! It is very pleasant, when they do not forget to mention the work of the workers, it is very important for us.

Working in AlES JSC, we always feel concern for people, we are supported by the leadership, the trade union committee, we use all the benefits and social package.

Our favorite holiday, Energy Worker Day was special for me this year - my photo will hang on the Board of Honor of AlES JSC! Let our company thrive and cause a sense of pride in every employee!

I wish all power engineers a long life, health to relatives and friends, success at work and all the best! "

2018-01-03 063051Hudaybergenov Bekbulat Lotovich, dispatcher of the station section of CHPP-2 of the Center for receiving and unloading fuel

“I am proud that my fate is connected with Energy engineering. Our work is not easy but despite the difficulties, I like the chosen specialty, because one can become a real professional only loving own job.

Cohesive team, working atmosphere, timely wages are the benefits. I am not afraid of work, the main thing is that we have this work and I know for sure: “Patience and a little effort” can do a lot and therefore I wish everyone to work hard, because only then all the goals will be achieved, and the dreams will come true. ”

2018-01-03 063101

Aldashukurova Gulmira Bakhytzhanovna, Deputy Head of Chemical Department of Thermal Power Plant-2

“I graduated from the Kazakh National Al-Farabi University, Chemistry specialty, PhD (Doctor of Philosophy of Chemical Sciences). In AlES JSC of CHPP-2 I have been working since November 12, 2005, I started working as an operator in the preparation of reagents. I immediately fell in love with my work because being an energy worker is such an important mission - to provide people with light and heat.

Since October 2016, I held the position of Deputy Head of the Chemical Center. From now on, I have a whole workshop of children for whom I am responsible, and they trust me! After all, it is no secret to anyone that it is on a simple worker that the whole production rests!

My main life credo is Power in unity, unity in victory!

2018-01-03 063111

Timoshenko Alexander Gennadyevich, shift manager of CHP-3

Dear colleagues, I congratulate you on the upcoming New Year 2018! With all my heart I wish all the power engineers fire in the hearts, love in the eyes and irrepressible energy in the body! May this year bring joy and prosperity to every home! In 1980 I studied at the vocational school of Almaty as a driver of refrigeration units, worked as refrigeration machinist in the trust "Kazkhimmontazh". Since I was young and energetic I decided to master various specialties. I got to the station even earlier when I worked at Yuzhkazenergoremont as an electrician for equipment and automation repair. Here I met my friend in electrical shop electrician. He suggested that I work in a power station.

So in 1986, I came to work as an electrician on duty in electrical shop. Acquired skills at previous jobs helped me a lot in the work of an electrician. During ten years of work as an electrician, I have gained vast experience in the maintenance of electrical equipment. From 1996 to present, I work as a shift manager at power station. Why stay so long in one place? Probably just answer. If one day you came to work at the CHP, then most likely, energy will become part of your life. Here is a great team, you feel yourself a necessary person. Permanent work with staff allows you to show your knowledge and skills in achieving common goals. After all, the quality of my work depends on the work of all equipment as a whole. I hope that in the future I will continue to work on the prosperity of CHP-3 and the power grid as a whole.

2018-01-03 063119Nurmakhanov Batyrbek Shamshatbekovich - shift supervisor of the Electromachine Workshop of the Kapshagay hydroelectric station

“In 1998, after graduating from Kyzylorda State University, I got a job at AO Kyzylorda REC, as an electrician of the distribution network.

In 2007, having moved to Kapshagay, I got a job as an electric fitter of the 4th category at the Kapshagay hydroelectric station. After 4 years I was transferred to the shift supervisor of the Electromachine Shop.

The team welcomed me warmly. It employs highly qualified specialists who will always help with advice, teach the rules how to work in order not to allow a single mistake, do not belong to careless work.

I consider my work interesting, promising and responsible, requiring discipline and attentiveness. After all, you can become a true professional only by loving your work. ”

2018-01-03 063128

Uteulov Al-Farabi Kenesbayevich, Head of the reinforcement-mechanical shop of the Energoremont PRP

After graduation in 1994 he began his career at AGRES. In the Almaty energy system, he successively took the position of turner 4, a master of the mechanical workshop of CHP-3, a leading engineer for the preparation of the AMC and the head of the AMC.

Never in my life have I regretted that I linked my fate with electric power industry, where versatile people work with an increased sense of responsibility, professionalism and a special team spirit.

I am grateful to the fate that my mentors were such wonderful people, professionals in their field like Azhimuratov Askar Nurdauletovich, Kopytkov Alexander Nikolaevich, Zhanbyrshy Galym Sadvakasovich. ”

2018-01-03 063137Akbergenov Ernat Zeynahanovich - senior engineer of boiler equipment of the 7th category of the boiler shop of CHPP-1 

Hailing from Almaty region, Rayymbek district, village Zhalanash. After the army he arrived in Almaty and got a job at CHP-1.

“This is how I got to work in 1986 in the boiler shop, and I work in this shop until this day. We became related with colleagues; after all, we spend most of our life at work. I am a member of the trade union committee and every year at preferential terms we go with the family to have a rest, before I sent the children to the camp. Received a 2-room apartment from the organization, when my children married. In general, there are some advantages.

I would like to wish all my colleagues, young specialists of AlES to achieve their goals, learn, constantly improve the level of knowledge on the posts. Happy New Year!"

2018-01-03 063147

Amirova Meruert Kasymovna, Chief Specialist of the Operation Service

“I vaguely remember my school time, but I remember exactly that of all school subjects I preferred chemistry. And when an “X” hour of choosing a future profession came, excuse me for the truth, but I was not eager to follow in the footsteps of the attack and the father, to enter a technical college, because I knew that this was a man’s field of activity and there was nothing for me to do, so I secretly applied for a certificate at the medical university, but fate laughed at my choice and performed an inversion, sending me to the ALES Institute. When I came to the admissions office, they told me that they had opened a new specialty “water and fuel technology”, which will be very relevant in future, and is related to chemistry, which made me very happy. During my studies, we were sent on a trip to the department of CHPP-2. This trip gave me an opportunity to look at my future specialty from the other side, thanks to the chief of the chemical department Lapshina L.I. The manner in which she explained to us the whole process of water preparation and equipment operation led me into raptures, and I still with great zeal, as they say, “nibbled on the granite of science”, making a bias towards the practical part. Having finished my Alma Mater, ironically, as if it didn’t sound, I immediately began my first work activity at CHPP-2 under the leadership of Lapshina L.I., and occupied operator position of 3 category. The team greeted me cordially, taught all that they themselves new and I am very grateful for today.

As Dorothy Sayres wrote: “Probably only one person in a thousand is passionately absorbed in his work. The only difference is that people will be told about a man:“ He is passionate about his work, ”and about a woman:“ She’s kind of weird. ” the statement fully describes me and my attitude to work. Throughout my work activity, without giving up my hands, I give all of myself, my soul and nerves to my work. If I were asked now: “What would you do if it were not for the energy? ". I would proudly answer that I couldn’t imagine myself, because it has penetrated deep into my soul. ”