The ombudsman

Yerbol Abylkasymovich Sasykov

Ombudsman of JSC "AlES"

According to the Code of Conduct (hereinafter referred to as the Code) of "AlES" JSC (hereinafter referred to as the Company), the Ombudsman is a person who contributes to the implementation and compliance with the provisions of the Codein the Company. In accordance with the Regulations on the Ombudsman, the appointment of the Ombudsman's candidacy is carried out by the Company's Board of Directors.

According to the Regulation on the Ombudsman, the role of the Ombudsman is to:

  • consulting services employees who have applied, participants in labor disputes, conflicts and assisting them in developing a mutually acceptable, constructive and implementable solution, taking into account compliance with the norms of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, including confidentiality, if necessary;
  • assistance in solving problematic social and labor issues of the Company's employees, as well as in compliance with the principles of business ethics by the Company's employees;
  • development of recommendations for persons involved in a dispute, conflict or problem situation on the settlement of conflicts (disputes);
  • advising the Company's officials on the resolution and prevention of conflicts (disputes) of a systemic, legal and organizational nature, as well as on compliance with the principles of business ethics;
  • submitting for consideration of the relevant bodies and officials of the Company, the problematic issues identified by them that are of a systemic nature and require them to make appropriate decisions (complex measures), putting forward constructive proposals for their solution;
  • making proposals for improving the Company's internal regulatory documents within its competence;
  • adoption of other measures of a recommendatory nature, including those aimed at restoring violated rights and legitimate interests.

Interested persons have the right to apply to the facts of illegal actions of officials and other employees of the Company:

directly to the Ombudsman room 217 of the Head Office of JSC "AlES", Dostyk Ave., 7 or during the visits of the Ombudsman directly to the production departments;

by calling the Ombudsman's helpline +7 (7272) 27 70 80, and by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for receiving written requests.

Use the services of a mailbox for collecting appeals and applications. The removal of incoming appeals from the mailbox is carried out at least once every two weeks by the Ombudsman.