Sustainable Development System in JSC «Almaty electric station»

JSC "Almaty Electric Stations" (hereinafter-the Company), being one of the largest energy producing companies in the country, is aware of the importance of influencing the country's economy, the environment and society.

To this end, the Company has introduced a system of continuous adherence to the principles of sustainable development, which allows promoting the balance of interests of stakeholders, the use of a risk-based approach in management, which will allow achieving a sustainable increase in value and increasing competitiveness in the long term.
The implementation of the principles of sustainable development in the Company is ensured by the Management in the field of sustainable development of JSC "Samruk-Energo", Environmental Policy, Health and Safety Policy, Personnel Policy and other internal regulatory documents.



Commitment to sustainable development is one of the principles of JSC "Almaty Electric Power Stations", in which the Company strives to ensure the consistency of its economic, environmental and social goals.


The economic component directs the Company's activities to increase the long-term value, ensure the interests of shareholders and investors, increase the efficiency of processes, increase investments in the creation and development of more advanced technologies, increase labor productivity.

Environmental component it ensures the minimization of the impact on biological and physical natural systems, the optimal use of limited resources, the use of environmentally friendly, energy-and material-saving technologies, the creation of environmentally acceptable products, the minimization, processing and destruction of waste.

The social component it is focused on the principles of social responsibility, which, among other things, include: ensuring occupational safety and preserving the health of employees, fair remuneration and respect for the rights of employees, individual development of personnel, implementation of social programs for personnel, creation of new jobs, conducting environmental and educational actions.

In accordance with the Corporate Governance Code of Samruk-Energo JSC, the Company complies with the following principles in the field of sustainable development:

* Openness

* Accountability

* Transparency

* Ethical behavior

* Respect for the interests of stakeholders

* Legality

* Respect for human rights

* Intolerance to corruption

* Inadmissibility of conflicts of interest


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