More than 250 employees of AlES JSC took part in the volunteer clean-up in Almaty

On April 15, 2017 employees of AlES JSC took part in a city-wide volunteer clean-up in southern capital. Access to the landscaping areas along the streets of Momyshuly and Akan Sery, Prospect Dostyk, along the heating path between TPP-2 and ZTK and other facilities were preceded by a thorough organization of work. On the job site workers spent nearly five hours.

During this time only along the highway were cleared almost 28 kilometers of adjacent territory and forest belt, collected and exported 250-300 tons of accumulated debris and deadwood over the winter.

"Large-scale cleaning of Almaty city after the winter was conducted on behalf of city major Bauyrzhan Baybek." 250 pieces of working equipment were handed out to the participants of the clean-up, 17 KAMAZ trucks and 1 forklift were collected and disposed of 2 workers took the bus to the place of work and back, Oxikbayev, executive director of AlES JSC.

Conducting clean-up is not only an opportunity for forest park areas and parks in the community, yards, schools, hospitals, social protection institutions, but also the opportunity to relax.