Hearings were held to discuss draft tariff ceiling and tariff estimates for a regulated service for water supply via main pipelines

On July 22, 2016, the Department of the Committee for Regulation of Natural Monopolies and Competition Protection of the Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the city of Almaty held public hearing to discuss draft tariff and tariff estimates for 2016-2020 for a regulated service supplying water through main pipelines (preparation of chemically purified water ).

Public hearings were attended by representatives of the Committee for the Regulation of Natural Monopolies in Almaty, independent experts of the Committee for the Regulation of Natural Monopolies, the management of JSC "AlES" and consumers.

With the draft tariff limit and tariff estimates for 2016-2020, N.A. Mukhamed-Rakhimov, Chairman of the Management Board of JSC "AlES", made a speech on the regulated service for supplying water through trunk pipelines (preparation of HVC) of JSC "AlES".

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