The practice was difficult, but we got high-quality knowledge…

According to the students of the AUES named after G.Daukeev, who studied under the dual system at the B.Orazbayev CHP-1

For one summer month, 29 students of the Institute of Thermal Power Engineering and Control Systems of the NAO "AUES named after G.Daukeev" had an internship at the B.Orazbayev CHP-1 and the personnel training Department of JSC "AlES". The practice of elements of dual training was carried out in working specialties: engineer-crawler for boiler equipment, engineer-crawler for turbine equipment.

– We have a long-standing cooperation with the NAO "AUES named after G.Daukeev". For the fourth year our company has been cooperating with the university on the dual system. This is one of the first universities that actively began to introduce the training of specialists in the German dual education system in the specialty of Thermal Power Engineering, – said the head of the personnel training department Zhanar Sabikenova.

In recent years, dual training has been gaining popularity. The peculiarity of dual training is that the graduate has all the necessary competencies for high-quality and successful work. "Dual students" acquire not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical experience during their studies at the university. When they come to work later, they adapt to the workplace much faster.

– We had two weeks of practical training in the boiler shop of CHP-1, then we received theoretical knowledge in the personnel training department. The practice was very interesting. Only now I began to understand the words of Albert Einstein: "Theory is when everything is known, but nothing works. Practice is when everything works, but no one knows why". We combine theory and practice", – said Ernar Sisengaliev, a 3rd year student specializing in boiler equipment maintenance engineer. – Energy is life. Energy is needed by everyone and everywhere. My goal is to contribute to the development of Kazakhstan by developing energy. I express my gratitude to the staff of JSC "AlES" for the warm and attentive attitude to students.

Alexander Borozdin, a 3rd year student, is also at the station for the first time: "I am very interested here. Theory is one thing. Practice is quite another. I learned a lot for myself and saw a lot. We got acquainted with almost all the equipment. We didn't sit still, constantly walked around the station, watched, studied, sorted out everything to the smallest detail".

– Yes, the first week was introductory, – continued Alina Baysal, a fellow student of Alexander. – And in the second week, knowledge required knowledge already from us. We fixed everything. The practice was difficult, but we received high-quality and necessary knowledge.

Aslan Sabitov believes that it is better to get practical experience at the station. There was always a curator here with the guys, who answered all the questions. It was possible to talk to the station staff, get new knowledge.

After practice, the guys passed the qualification exams. The examination commission included engineering and technical staff of JSC "AlES" and university teachers. Students who successfully passed the exams received a certificate of assignment of a working specialty of the state standard.