JSC "AlES" employs 21 technical inspectors.

The Production Council for Safety and Labor Protection of JSC AlES has been systematically working for the fifth year to implement public control and joint actions of representatives of the employer and employees to prevent occupational injuries and occupational diseases. Technical labor inspectors take an active part in this work. For example, as participation in inspections of labor protection conditions at workplaces organized by the Production Council. And this is only one of the tasks facing technical inspectors.

– Technical inspectors are chosen from trade union activists and qualified workers, – shared Serik Tymbasbayev: Chairman of the Branch of the AlES Trade Union. – Our technical inspectors are constantly identifying and preventing violations of state regulatory requirements for occupational safety; safety of production processes, equipment, fixtures, tools, raw materials and materials, the effectiveness of the use of protective equipment by employees; the fulfillment by employees of official duties on labor protection and the requirements of local regulations on labor protection; taking measures to eliminate the identified deficiencies etc.

In order to improve the skills of already working technical inspectors and train newly elected technical inspectors, training was organized in the Personnel Training Department of AlES JSC in April 2022. 16 technical inspectors have been trained. Theoretical training was conducted by an experienced teacher Tatiana Andreevna Solodilova. Previously, she worked as a senior inspector for the technical operation of the power plant at CHP-3. After successfully passing the exams, technical inspectors were awarded certificates of completion of training and the AlES Trade Union issued a certificate of technical inspector.

Zhanar Sabikenova, Head of the Personnel Training Department of AlES JSC, noted that the training of technical inspectors in our company is taking place for the third year on a permanent basis. There is always something new, inspectors share their best practices and experience. I hope that the knowledge gained by technical inspectors will be actively applied to ensure safe production and occupational safety requirements in the company.

– This is my first time studying. I learned a lot. I think training is necessary, as it helps to learn what will be useful to the technical inspector in his daily work. I want to use the acquired knowledge in production. The classes helped me figure out which direction to move in", – Danil Gorbovsky said.

Safety and labor protection issues are a priority in JSC "AlES". Technical inspectors are one of the important links in their provision.