As part of the Transformation Program of Samruk-Energo JSC, an event is being implemented to introduce an automated medical examination system (ASMO) at the CHPP-2 of AlES JSC and Ekibastuz GRES-1 LLP. Now, in just one minute, the employee will have access to the production site and a full medical report.

A set of hardware and software for testing has already been delivered and is being tested at CHPP-2. It consists of an anatomical chair for comfortable medical examination of the employee. The "smart" chair is equipped with a pupillometer, an innovative development for screening the diagnosis of drug intoxication, a breathalyzer, and an industrial tonometer. Thus, in just one minute, the employee, after passing the examination, receives a full description confirming his physical condition. Azamat Mazhyn, Head of the Digitalization Office of Samruk-Energo JSC, noted that the pandemic was one of the decisive factors for the implementation of this direction in the SDCs.

Virtually non-contact medical examination, in addition to reducing the time for a full check of each employee, allows you to eliminate the human factor.- The "smart" chair now makes it possible to conduct a quick pre-shift medical
examination of workers engaged in work related to increased danger, machines and mechanisms. These are turbine and boiler drivers, chemical shop laboratory assistants, CTAII locksmiths, drivers, etc. We have 110 people on duty every day.

The nurse quickly and efficiently examines the staff with the help of a "Smart" chair." Everything is stored in the database and at any time you can analyze the data, systematize cases of detecting ailments, thereby preventing complications and further development of diseases, - said Alexander Chukalin, head of the labor safety and Health service of CHPP-2.
The chief medical nurse of CHPP-2, Natalia Bystrova, explained that this device recognizes the employee by the face, conducts tests for changing the reaction of the pupil to a light stimulus, measures the pulse rate, speech clarity, measures body temperature and blood pressure, tests for alcohol intoxication, etc. This increases the productivity of medical workers, reduces the time of medical examination.

"I was able to get a quick medical checkup. This is the main advantage. All the parameters correspond to my general well - being, " said Maksat Mukhamedkaliyev, a trainee of the station's electrical shop.
The event is being implemented at CHPP-2 in a pilot mode as part of the Transformation Program.