The repair company of 2020 at the Western Thermal Complex is carried out according to the approved schedule of repairs of the main equipment. To date, the current repairs of eight hot water boilers and one steam boiler have been carried out. On the remaining boilers (three hot water boilers and one steam boiler), the current repair work will be completed by September 7, 2020.

- Major repairs of the boiler No. 4 are carried out by the PRP "Energoremont" with a deadline of October 5, 2020. The materials needed to complete the repairs of the main equipment are available. Work on the repair of the heat main of CHPP-2-ZTK, through which the main volume of heat carrier is delivered from CHPP-2 to the western part of Almaty, is almost completed, - said Alibek Tastanbekov, Managing Director of ZTK.

In 2020, a large amount of work was carried out to replace the revision of large-diameter shut-off valves (DN-800, DN-600, DN-500), and to repair pumping equipment. ZTC personnel carried out work on the repair of electrical equipment, control and measuring equipment and automation.
By the beginning of the heating season, the Western thermal complex will be fully ready to carry the necessary heat load.