Gaziy Zhumabayevich Ismukhambetov, Managing Director for Production - Chief Engineer of JSC "Almaty Electric Power Stations", belongs to a special category of managers with whom it is comfortable to work


Gaziy Zhumabayevich was born on July 20, 1960 in the Orenburg Region of the Russian Federation.

- My parents were research associates associated with agriculture. Sagyndyk Aizharikovich Ormantayev, a good friend of his father, worked at that time as a deputy head of the electric shop of CHPP-1. He told me a lot about his work. And once I gave a tour of the station.

It made a lasting impression on me. I firmly decided to become an energy engineer, " said Gaziy Zhumabayevich. In 1982, he graduated from the Alma-Ata Power Engineering Institute with a degree in electrical engineering. After his graduation, Gaziy Zhumabayevich remained working there as an engineer of the Department of High Voltage Engineering. He is a co-author of two author's certificates on three-phase controlled reactors.

Gaziy Zhumabaevich started his career at the Almaty CHPP-2 in 1986. Here he climbed the career ladder from the duty electrician to the station shift manager. He proved to be a mandatory, principled, purposeful and constantly improving his professional knowledge and skills as an employee. From 2002 to 2007, Gaziy Zhumabayevich worked in the central dispatching service of JSC "APK". He worked his way up from dispatcher to her boss. Then he worked for five years as Deputy Chief Engineer of JSC "AlES", and from 2012 to 2013 – Chief Engineer. Under the direct leadership of Gaziy Zhumabaevich, the boiler room of CHPP-2 was put into operation. The efficiency of this construction is determined by the additional heat output in the heating season of Almaty up to 420 thousand tons. Gcal, it allowed to provide additional connection of consumers of thermal energy in Almaty.


Since 2013, Gaziy Zhumabayevich has worked for six years as Deputy Chairman of the Management Board for Production-Chief Engineer, currently he is Managing Director for Production - Chief Engineer of JSC "AlES". During this period of work, he participated in the commissioning of boiler unit No. 8 at CHPP-2, with a capacity of 420 tons of steam per hour. With his direct participation, a heat supply scheme was implemented in Almaty in the area of activity of JSC "AlES", including the socially significant object "Reconstruction of thermal terminals of CHPP-2 for heat supply of the objects of the Universiade 2017 in the Alatau district of Almaty". Under his leadership, the most important measures to reduce the environmental burden are discussed and developed both for JSC "AlES" and for the residents of Almaty. In particular, since 2017. coal burning was abandoned at Almaty CHPP-1 and a complete transition to natural gas combustion was carried out.

Gaziy Zhumabayevich is a vivid example of a man of business, who is at the forefront of the production of electric and thermal energy, constantly solving a lot of complex and multifaceted problems and issues, generating ideas and always achieving the real implementation of these projects and ideas. Gaziy Zhumabayevich belongs to a special category of managers who are comfortable to work with. His authority is based on professionalism, ability to solve complex problems, and, of course, love for his work. Gaziy Zhumabaevich has a huge production experience, which allows him to make informed decisions. He is always open to dialogue. His high professionalism and ability to make effective management decisions have earned him a well-deserved reputation in the electric power industry. - Energy-for responsible, disciplined people. There should be clarity in everything – in following the instructions, making decisions. All this is very close to my character, - the hero of the day modestly noted.

Despite his busy schedule, Gaziy Zhumabayevich finds time for his favorite activities. He leads a sporty lifestyle. During his school and college years, he was engaged in boxing and track and field athletics. Currently, he is engaged in triathlon, takes part in competitions in running, swimming and cycling, and has won prizes in his age category. A healthy lifestyle is one of the mottos of his family.



Gaziy Zhumabaevich has two main goals. The first is the successful development of JSC "AlES" and the second is to cross the Bosphorus Strait. Colleagues and his family are confident that he will implement them.