In the personnel training department of JSC“AlmatyPower Electric Stations”, an adaptation training program has been developed of production departments.

- The program consists of adaptive and industrial safety training. In the adaptation training section, employees get acquainted with the structure and mission of the company, with production indicators, and a collective agreement and learn company values. In the second section, workers are trained in industrial safety at a hazardous production facility. This program will allow staff to quickly adapt at the workplace and undergo industrial safety training, - shared the head of staff training, Zhanar Sabikenova.

The duration of training in the personnel training department is 1 day on the amount of 10 academic hours. Training under this program began on June 3, 2019, so far 85 newly hired employees have passed training.

- I recently got a job. During the training, I heard a lot of useful and necessary information for me, received answers to my questions, got acquainted with social programs for employees. Today I found out what a large enterprise I work at and what important work we are doing,- said DaniyarZharylkassynov, engineer and crawler for turbine equipment at TPP-2.

It is planned to conduct adaptation training once a month.