June 22, 2019for the first time, an evening summer race was heldin Almaty. A total of 1,200 people participated.

- We ran 12 km. The organizers have chosen a new location - the Almaty Arena complex. It is pleasant to run along such a route, a smooth road, fresh air from the mountains, the atmosphere is charged with powerful energy. Many interesting people of different ages and different sporting conditions participate in such events. This is my second official race. Before the start, a slight excitement is felt, the heartbeat quickens. Closer to the finish appears the spirit of rivalry, you begin to add pace. After finishing and you are handed a medal, a feeling of self-satisfaction comes and the so-called concept of “runner's euphoria” comes. We got a lot of energy and pleasant memories, I want to feel it on other races! - said KaisarKabiev, lead economist of the financial resources management department.

The team of “AlES” JSC plans to participate in the “Tengri Ultra TunRun” marathon on June 29, 2019. The purpose of these mass sporting events is to promote an active lifestyle, involving more and more people in physical education and sports.