June 7, 2019 in the JSC "Almaty Electric Stations" was held the festival "We are for green Kazakhstan!".

11-06-2During the event, a competition was organized, which allowed identifying projects aimed at shaping the environmental culture of the company's employees, collecting proposals on organizing separate waste collection, and raising the issue of methods for controlling atmospheric pollution.

A total of eight nominations were presented:

• “The world is in your hand”;

• "The history of ecology in the world";

• “Ecological culture in power engineering”;

• “Our Earth is our future”;

• “ISO 14001: 2015 - Environmental Management System and its relevance in the energy sector”;

• “Environmental Action”;

• "Ecological Crossword";

• “People together - waste apart!”.

Depending on the nomination, participants could present various reports in the form of presentations, as well as their creatively designed works - poems, short stories, essays, crossword puzzles.

Environmentalists from the Department of CHP-2 present their presentation "ISO 14001: 2015 - The system of environmental management and its relevance in the energy sector"

11-06-4In our project we analyzed the pollution of the Earth’s water resources. In particular, the Cascade of Hydroelectric Power Stations carrying out water intake from the reservoir of the Big Almaty Lake. Considering the importance of this water body, it is necessary to adopt regulations on the prohibition of commercial activities, as well as the transfer to the permanent or temporary use of land in its water area. Environmental education should start with each of us. Go to reusable bags and biodegradable packages, buy juice and water in glass containers or in tetra-packs, - said Natalya Mitusova, an ecologist at the Cascade Hydroelectric Power Plant.

Symbat Kuttybayeva and Aliya Doskhozhaeva, ecologists of CHP-2, elaborated on the relevance of the environmental management system and spoke about the environmental policy of AlES.

Environmentalists of the CHP-2 department presented the presentation "ISO 14001: 2015 - Environmental Management System and its relevance in the energy sector".

Ecologist CHP-1 Yelena Davydova prepared a project on the nomination "People together - waste apart!"

11-06-5-The immoderate, predatory withdrawal of resources leads to a catastrophic depletion of the reserves of the earth. The illusory notion of the infinity of natural wealth is being destroyed. It is being replaced by the understanding that it is necessary to expend them more carefully, that nature needs protection. The road of civilization should not be paved with cans, - Elena Davydova.

The problems of the ecological crisis and the ways to solve it were continued by Aliya Zhilgildina, an ecologist of the Kapshagay hydroelectric station.

An action "Plant a tree"was carried outto solve environmental problems at the Kapshagay hydroelectric station. During the action, work was done on planting 100 young saplings of apple trees in the station. This tree planting campaign was a vivid example of gardening and environmental protection. Only by joint efforts we we will be able to preserve and strengthen the “green lungs” of our planet. The role of the forest in our life can not be overestimated - it not only affects human livelihoods, but also is a guarantor of environmental safety. Through our work and our actions, we want to turn our world into a beautiful land, - said Aliya Zhilgildina.

The theme "The history of ecology in the world" was reviewed in detail by Svetlana Yermolina, ecologist of CHP-3. The festival was completed with an environmental crossword puzzle, compiled by ZhanatTemirbekov, an ecologist of the CRUF (Center for Reception and Unloading of Fuel).

Ecological festival was held in a friendly and at the same time business atmosphere.

The projects of the Ecological Festival can be found on the website of JSC “AlES” in the “Media” section, subsection “Competitions”.