On the eve of the bright holiday in JSC "AlES" honored the veterans of power. On May 8, 2019, the leadership of the company and the trade union visited at home of the participants of the Great Patriotic War.


From early morning on the eve of Victory Day, Viktor Pavlovich Gulyayev, veteran of the Great Patriotic War, received congratulations. He participated in the liberation of the south of Russia, Ukraine, Moldova from the Nazis as part of the Guardian Red Banner Tank Brigade. He received the Order of the “Red Star”for the defeat of the headquarters of the 6th German Army. He participated to set a liberate Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Czechoslovakia. Victor Pavlovich has 38 military, anniversary and labor awards. On his professional duty, he supervised the construction and operation of the Kapshagay hydroelectric station. For a great contribution to the development of the power station, they consider him to be theirs.According to Kazakh traditions Viktor Pavlovich’sdastarkhanis always covered with a generous dinneron this day.

Congratulations of veteran of the Great Patriotic War -Viktor Pavlovich Gulyayev

On the eve of Victory Day, they visited nextveteran Vasily Matveyevich Zayets.Vasily Matveyevich was drafted into the ranks of the rifle division of the Red Army in 1943. Fighting "baptism" he received under Vyazma. He passed his battle way to Orsha, Baranavichy, and then to the shores of the Baltic. He was wounded, treated, and in post-war August he returned to the army. He served until October 1950, until he was demobilized. He was awarded to his front-line — the Order of the “Patriotic War”, two medals “For Courage,” the Polish awards “For Freedom and Liberty”, “For Taking Odyrneysen and the Baltic” and were added other awards and titles of labor.

Congratulation of veteran of the Great Patriotic War -Vasily Matveyevich Zayets.

It has become a tradition to visit the veteran of the Great Patriotic War, Mikhail Nikolayevich Kurganov. He went to the front in his 17 years. An infantry soldier marched through half of Europe. He reached till the Elbe and met the Victory Day in Germany. In the energy industry has worked forty years. Colleagues remember him and often visit to support. That's just about the war, he does not like to remember.

Congratulation of veteran of the Great Patriotic War- Mikhail Nikolaevich Kurganov

On behalf of the team of “Almaty Electric Power Plants” JSC -Nurlan Muhamed-Rakhimov, Chairman of the Board, deputy of the city maslikhatcongratulated all veterans on Victory Day:

- We consider it’s our duty personally congratulate every veteran, because every year they are less and less. When I came to CHP-2, there were veterans more than two hundred people, now today there are only three of them left from our company. All of them for over 90 years. For us, veterans are an example of fortitude, resilience, courage and heroism ... They are still vigorousand with a clear mind, our veterans delight us with their human generosity and wisdomat every meeting. I want to express my deep appreciation to you, dear veterans, and wewish you a long life and good health!

The participants of the Great Patriotic War, as well as 33 workers of the rear and 31 soldiers internationalist and those who participated in the aftermath of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant were paid a lump sum remuneration.

Employees of JSC "AlES" annually participate in the action "Immortal Regiment". This year,it’s Natalya Chasovnikova, Head of the Production Department of the Cascade Hydroelectric Power Station:


-This year my family has taken part for the first time in the march of the “Immortal Regiment”. We carried the portraits of my uncle Popov Nikolai Matveyevich, on the mothers side,who died in Poland with the rank of junior lieutenant (he was only 20 years old) and uncle on the father’s side Chasovnikov Vasily Mikhailovich, who died in the battles for Stalingrad, he was also a little more than 20 years old. After all, as the song from the film “Officers” is sung: “There is no family in Russia where such a hero was not memorable”! Therefore, the “Immortal Regiment” today for us, the heirs of the Great Victory, is not just a patriotic action, it is a symbol of the invincibility of the human spirit, selfless courage and courage, unfading glory, great love for the Fatherland and for its people. And our duty is to remember and be proud of them, and to know the history of our family, since the past of the state is made up of the past of each family. It is important for us to keep in the family’s memory all possible information about relatives who have gone through the Great Patriotic War. Indeed, without their achievement, there wouldn’t be us. Everyone came here at the call of the heart. We walked in the 150th thousandth march of the "Immortal Regiment" along the main streets of Almaty to the Eternal Flame in the Park of 28 Panfilov Guardian Memorials . A sense of pride, brotherhood, unity of souls overwhelmed everyone.

Employees of AlES keep carefully the memory of the great feat of our grandfathers and fathers and pass on the memory of that terrible war from generation to generation. Every year an increasing number of our employees participate in the procession of the "Immortal Regiment". Victory for all times!