AlES JSC entered the first wave of SAP system implementation on a new technological platform - S / 4HANA. In the electricity sector of Kazakhstan, this is the first experience of using the corporate solution of the SAP new generation system.

What is SAP? And who are the "sapers"? For the uninitiated and far from this complex science, it may seem that this is a kind of community of specialists who speak only on their clear language. They understand the specific modules of the SAP system, help others to understand what or where they need to click in order for everything to work.

Yes, SAP is a science that needs to be studied. But it should be understood that the value of an employee who has managed to grasp the secrets of the system will increase in the market several times and increase the efficiency of his work.

Gulmira Turubaeva at AlES - manages the project for the implementation of target processes (the official name of the Transformation project for the implementation of SAP).She has an economic education. And, in SAP since 2003. One of the first who involved in the implementation of the SAP programin Kazakhstan.

“Each project is unique and has its own character. Despite the fact that the processes of the project area are standard, each company has its own requirements for the processes and technical needs. In addition, SAP does not stand still and develops all the time, keeps up with the times. And if you are guided in this area, then you also develop together with SAP, bringing in new “SAP” “chips”, offering fresh solutions inbusiness, ”says Gulmira.

The project in AlES has 11 directions, for each of which specialists (key users) with certain competences are assigned. There are 108 employees in the company. Atthemoment, asurveyheldonallprocesses. Specifically for these purposes, highly qualified experts of the company JSC «SAP CIS»were invited to JSC AlES, who for two weeks conducted interviews with the management and key users of JSC AlES. Currently,the work is underway on conceptual design.

Coordination of the implementation of the project in JSC AlESis performed by the Methodology and Transformation Department (M & TD). This is a new structural unit in JSC AlES, established in January 2018. Methodology and Transformation Department was formed from specialists of various departments of AlES JSC as part of internal transformation, which began in 2010 and is associated with the transition to the 1C: Enterprise 8.0 platform, so the company already has experience in introducing new systems, which was the main criterion for JSC “AlES ”in the SAP implementation project.

What structural units will work in the new system? 90% of all structural units of AlES. We analyze future work in a new format on the example of HR. Employees of human resources management departments will work in the SAP system.

The company seeks to get away from todays outdated work methods, when personnel records are maintained by one system with functions at the level of Microsoft and Excel tables, the salary is calculated in another, the report card is maintained in the third.Synchronizing this data is not easy and time consuming. Errors and inconsistencies that must be corrected. Efforts are spent on this significant, and people who expect salary, can not constantly work overtime and in emergency mode.

“In this regard, when introducing HR modules, the primary task is to create an integrated system that supports the current staff and its future increase without scaling problems. As a result, the company will have the opportunity to create a unified centralized information system for personnel management, which will serve as a real tool for consolidating and analyzing information about human resources, ”the project leader said.

(to be continued)

Anna Sakhnova