2018-10-18 074500

In order to find the most acceptable forms of coexistence of the nature user and the environment, it is necessary not only a comprehensive environmental justification of economic projects, constant monitoring of the state of the environment, protection of certain important natural objects, control over the rational use of natural resources, but also the development of environmental education, education, and most importantly, environmental consciousness.

The Republic of Kazakhstan has adopted legislative acts defining the rules of environmental behavior of industrial enterprises, organizations, and citizens. These rules are reflected in the order of 10 legislative and 200 subordinate regulatory legal acts.

In order to comply with the established rules of environmental behavior and create a foundation for an environmental management system and unite environmental interests with interested parties, AlES JSC has developed an Environmental Policy that reflects the statement of the company's top management about its intentions and principles related to its environmental efficiency, obligations to comply with the requirements of adopted legislative acts in the field of environmental protection, and constantly improve the environmental management system.

     The environmental policy of JSC AlES creates a basis through which production departments set their targets and planned indicators, develop a plan for the implementation of Environmental policy, identifying environmental aspects and risks, and for the purpose of its effective implementation, create opportunities and develop support mechanisms necessary for its implementation and achievement of targets and planned indicators.


     The environmental policy of JSC "AlES" is a kind of declaration that approves the principles and intentions of the top management to manage environmental aspects and reduce the degree of their impact on the environment