Interesting facts about ecology

Human influence on the environment has led to many negative consequences, in particular, to environmental disasters. Now there is a great need to attract public attention to environmental problems, so we have chosen the most relevant scientific facts related to the global environment. ~ every 30-35 kilometers, the average passenger car emits about 500-600 kg of gaseous waste into the environment. Although 50-60 years ago, one average passenger car every 30 – 35 kilometers threw about 12.5-15 kg of gaseous waste into the environment, at that time there were much fewer cars, so now the environment is suffering more than half a century ago.

~ there are special sensors in the world that measure environmental pollution after each passing car. As a rule, such sensors are built into the curbs. ~ just four liters of engine oil is enough to poison more than 4 million liters of clean drinking water. It is worth noting that this number, although it seems impressive, but it is used by only fifty people in one calendar year. ~ this is surprising, but with average calculations, it turned out that the average house in which several people live emits more carbon dioxide than a new car. The most modest calculations showed that the release of carbon dioxide is at least twice as much.

~ why do I need to ventilate the room? Most people spend a huge amount of their time indoors without even realizing that the indoor air is more than 25 times dirtier than the outside air. ~ every year, about 125 million workable phones are thrown into the landfill in the world, which are simply tired of their owners. ~ every day, two million tons of human waste ends up in natural water bodies, every year 260 million tons of plastic products end up in the world's oceans. All this plastic garbage is carried into the oceans by rivers, streams and sea waves from the land.

~ about 30-33% of fresh water that is used for agricultural needs can be saved if you just take and improve irrigation systems. ~ the world-famous sports brand Nike opened reception points for sneakers that have lost their commercial appearance in different countries in the last century. Old shoes are recycled and used for making treadmills or covering sports grounds. The word "ecology" can be translated from ancient Greek as "house" or "property". We really hope that the following interesting facts about ecology will once again remind each of us that we must take care of the environment in order to preserve not only our future, but also the future of our descendants.