Digitalization in priority: on the shop of thermal automation and measurements of Almaty TPP-2

The operational personnel of the workshop of thermal automation and measurement (CTAI) monitors the operation and condition of the means of measuring the technological parameters of the station. Specialists of the workshop improve the protection and automation schemes, introduce new methods of control.

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On the photo from left to right: Irgaliev E.Kh., Tagatov S.A., Chambartsev A.A., Masanov V.N., Abzhanov S.T., Parkhomenko N.M., Drozdova I.V., Sisenbaev S.S., Rakhmatullin A.A., Mukhamedzhanov M.

The workshop of thermal automation and measurements at Almaty CHPP-2 was organized in 1979. It was located in the building of the fire department. The main task of the workshop at that time was to assist in the design of newly commissioned equipment.

He was invited to the position of the chief of the workshop with Guryevskaya CHPP-2. Sisenbaev, where under his leadership worked 15 people. He headed the shop until 2006. Since 2006, I have transferred my experience to the younger generation of specialists in the company's training center. Sergo Sisenbaevich's life principles were always unchanged: on any site, work as if this was the main business of his life; thoroughly know the problems and prospects of work, whether it is on the site of the head of the workshop of CHPP-2, or the main specialist of the training center for training and improving the skills of specialists of AlES JSC. All work was based on mutual trust and exactingness, he tried to find optimal, thoughtful and qualified solutions. The business started always brought to a positive result. In the training center of AlES JSC he worked with astonishing intensity, with very good effect, showing concern for the training staff, but he also asked them strictly if the employee did not attend classes without good reason, Ramiya Turegeldinova, the ombudsman of AlES JSC.

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On the photo from left to right: Chambartsev A.A., Nogaybaev A.E., Tkachev V.M., Rukosueva N.B., Tagatov S.A., Sisenbaev S.S., Malykh P.G., Yerilov A.T.

Today people work in the shop, who came to the station at a young age and with their selfless labor ensured the uninterrupted operation of the equipment of control measuring instruments and automation in the difficult 90s. They are Sayabek Tagatov, Valery Masanov, Alexander Chambartsev, Alexander Yerilov, Vasily Tkachev, Pavel Malykh, Samat Abzhanov, Talgat Dzhumadilov, Nurbol Azhibekov and many others. Almost all of them started working as electricians in different groups of the workshop and grew up under the guidance of highly qualified specialists and managers such as Sergo Sisenbaev, Anatoly Petrovich Sukhushin, Vladimir Grigorevich Eremeev, who are remembered today with special warmth. Now they themselves teach young people how to properly and reliably operate and repair equipment for instrumentation and automation.

Sayabek Tagatov, Head of the Department for Thermal Automation and Measurements

Since 2006, Sayabek Tagatov has been the head of the workshop. Always smiling, benevolent, and at the same time an exacting and responsible person, they speak about Sayabek Amangeldievich at CHPP-2. He comes from Atyrau region. He graduated from the Almaty Energy Institute with a degree in Electric Drive and Automation of Industrial Installations. In 1990, he began working at CHPP-2 in the shop of thermal automation and electrical mechanic measurement. He worked as a master, as a senior master, as deputy chief of the shop, and now as head of the CTAI. When asked about work and hobbies, he is surprised, because for him it is one.

"I'm happy that I chose this profession," says Sayagbek Tagatov. - Thanks to our initiative, the systems and automated systems for controlling the technological processes of the fan cooling towers and boiler unit No. 8 on the basis of the software and hardware complex "Ovation" and the automation of the process control systems of the new boiler and water treatment plant using the PCS-7 software and hardware complex have been carried out. Most of the obsolete instruments and sensors have been replaced by modern microprocessor equipment, such as Oxymitter-4000 Oxygen Analyzer, LMZ-97 mechanical measurement equipment. Our workshop implemented a modern system of commercial metering of electricity (ASKUE) at the station to collect and transmit data to the dispatching system of AlES JSC. The collective of the workshop is carrying out a large-scale modernization of the equipment of the instrumentation and automation of CHPP-2.

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Sayabek Tagatov was awarded with diplomas by the Ministry of Energy and AlES JSC.

One of the main tasks of the workshop of thermal automation and measurements is the correct organization of operation of devices under the shop and ensuring their reliable and trouble-free operation.

Operational personnel are headed by the deputy chief of the maintenance shop Valery Masanov.

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Valery Masanov, Deputy Head of the Workshop

- After graduating from the Kazakh Technical University with a degree in Automation of Technological Processes, I came to the foreman of the production site as a group of means for measuring the pressure of flow and level, - Valery Nikolayevich shared. - Since 2007 I have been working as deputy head of CTAI. We have implemented a system of commercial heat metering (ASKUTE). Our operating personnel are re-equipping the equipment for new modern equipment. For example, we supplied intelligent sensors Metran-150, installed instruments Metran-910, Metran-961.

Valery Nikolaevich manages the work on the organization of personnel training in new methods and means of measurement, educates his subordinates the spirit of responsibility for the task entrusted to them, careful attitude to the equipment.

Pyrometry group performs temperature control of all equipment of the station, its repair and adjustment, as well as repair and adjustment of chemical control devices, vibration. In 1992, after graduating from the Kazakh Polytechnic Institute, Alexander Chmbartsev came to TPP-2 as a master of the Pyrometry group. Since 2007, he is a senior master and now manages the repair staff of the workshop.

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Alexander Chembartsev, Senior Master of the Production Section

Alexander Chambartsev with his team of electricians participated in the development and installation of new gas boilers for gas analyzers, the installation of new vibration monitoring equipment on turbines and new devices for temperature monitoring.

In the Pyrometry group works a responsible and experienced worker, Vasily Tkachev.

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Vasily Tkachev is an electrician for repair and maintenance of automation and measuring instruments of power plants of the eighth category

- After finishing SPTU in 1994, I got a job at CHPP-2 in the group of Technological Protection, Signaling and Remote Control of a 2nd-category electrician. He began with the study of electrical wires and electrical circuits, protections and interlocks and was engaged in the repair of electrical appliances of mechanical quantities. In 2004, he switched to watch and rose to the senior electrician on duty. In 2007, due to production necessity, he was transferred to the Pyrometry group, where he was engaged in repair of gas, chemical analysis and vibration, installed new equipment on boilers and turbines, studied new technologies and their operating principles. In addition to work, I actively participated in the darts competition and in 2007 took an honorable 1 place.

At the moment, I am very pleased to tell my children about my work in production, about the introduction of new technologies at CHPP-2 and I am sure that this helped my son with the choice of a profession that has already graduated from the first course of an energy college and dreams to link his professional activities with energy, - shared Vasily Tkachev.

With the introduction of new equipment and the expansion of the station, the number of personnel in the workshop, which currently stands at 60, has also increased. In connection with the introduction of computer technology, the department of Automated Control Systems (hereinafter ACS) was headed by the head of the department Natalia Rukasueva.

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Natalia Rukusueva is a Head of the Department of Automated Control Systems

- Graduated from KazNU. Al-Farabi specialty "Applied Mathematics," - shared Natalia Borisovna. In 1992 she got a job as a software engineer at CHPP-2. Since 2009 I have been working as the head of the automated control system department. Our main goal is to create new, high-quality programs for CHPP-2, to upgrade the programs used at the station, to operate automated commercial energy metering systems, the programs of the Automated Control and Automation Department of CTATI and other users. In 2013, our department carried out work on the project of vertical integration of IT infrastructure: the migration of computers, user accounts and user profiles to the newly organized computer domain ales.s-e., And she participated in the implementation of the eighth version of 1C: SCP. In 2015, our department installed and configured the OPC server to exchange data with Metran devices, as a result of which the parameters of the boilers and turbines of CHPP-2 enter the SCADA system and are transmitted via the operational channel to the Dispatch Office of the Head Office.

When new equipment was commissioned in 2017 (under the project "Heat mains of CHPP-2 - NSSO2), the ACS department made changes to the program “Formation of the data archive from hot and cold water meters”, and a set of programs for conduct a detailed analysis in a user-friendly CHP-2 form that is not available in the 1Cv82 system.

The pressure and level flow group performs timely calibration and calibration of pressure, vacuum, flow and quantity of liquids and gases. The master of the group is Talgat Dzhumadilov.

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Talgat Dzhumadilov is a master of production site

"My work began with an electrician for servicing automation and measuring instruments for power stations," says Talgat Dzhumadilov. - I have been working as a master of the production section of the Measurement Systems group since 2007. Our main task is to provide reliable and trouble-free operation of thermal automation and measurement devices, quality assurance, timing of work and organization of pressure and level group work. I raise my qualification, I graduated the course on Automatic regulation of heat and power processes at thermal power plants and boiler houses. Automation of process control systems, control systems, control systems, commissioning and acceptance testing of ATS at the St. Petersburg Power Engineering Institute. В2016-2017, I supervised the project Construction of a heating main and reconstruction of thermal terminals for heat supply of Universiade-2017 facilities in Alatau district of Almaty city. Reconstruction of thermal terminals and expansion of the collector CHP-2.

Talgat Dzhumadilov takes an active part in projects on reconstruction and modernization, commissioning of new equipment for instrumentation and automation.

The group of automatic control systems (ATS) is responsible for repair, adjustment and adjustment of automatic control systems for thermal engineering processes of the plant's thermal equipment. The group is headed by Pavel Malykh, the master of the production site.

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Pavel Malykh, production site expert

- After finishing school in 1987, I entered Almaty Power Engineering College and graduated in 1991, - Pavel Malykh said. - During the study at the technical school, the production practice was held at Almaty CHPP-2. In 1991 came to the distribution of CHP-2 electrician of 3 ranks for repair and maintenance of automation and measuring instruments. During his time in CTAI he upgraded his qualification from an electrician of the 3rd category to an electrician of the 6th category. In 2005, he was appointed master of the ATS group, in the same year he entered and in 2010 graduated from the Almaty Institute of Energy and Communications, specializing in Power supply to industrial enterprises. He was awarded with a certificate of honor in honor of the 10th anniversary of the formation of AlES JSC.

The main task of the CTAI is to provide the necessary amount of control, management and protection of the thermal mechanical equipment of the station, maintaining all thermal automation and measurement means in an efficient and efficient condition, to ensure reliable and economical operation of the main thermal mechanical equipment. For this work area, the employees of the technological protection, signaling and remote control group are more responsible. Highly skilled workers work here, including Nurbol Azhibekov. He came to TPP-2 as an electrician as a young man, now he is a category 1 engineer.

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Nurbol Azhibekov, Engineer of Instrumentation and Automation, 1st category

- I was born in an ordinary family, my father worked as a doctor, my mother was a teacher at school. I have two brothers. Since father was a medical worker, he wanted us to follow in his footsteps and say that they put great emphasis on chemistry and biology, but I was interested in physics and mathematics, said Nurbol Azhibaev. - After school, despite my father's wishes, I chose the profession of power engineering and entered KazNTU after K.Satpaev. on specialty electric power. After graduation, I could not find a job in my specialty and found a private company as a cable operator. Working in the company, I simultaneously came several times for an interview at CHPP-2. In June 2010, when I was informed that the electrician's vacancy had been vacated and I was hired, my joy was no limit, I even remember that day.

In 2012 he became an engineer of instrumentation and automation. My main task is to organize the operation, keep in good order, those who keep the shop of technological protection equipment, signaling and remote control. In 2013 I graduated to the advanced training courses in the Chelyabinsk branch of PEIPK (Petersburg Power Engineering Institute of Enhancement of Qualification) on the topic "New advanced devices for heat engineering control and regulation, their operation and repair." This course, you can say, inspired me. I began to follow all the new developments in our industry and take an active part in the installation and commissioning of boiler equipment No. 8 and heat supply for the Universiade-2017 facilities, where I got a lot of experience.

In connection with the appearance in the world of digital technology in the shop, work is constantly being done to modernize and re-equip the equipment. The use of digital intelligent monitoring and control systems allows more efficient operation of process equipment and optimize the plant's production capabilities.

Modern microprocessor equipment, its adjustment and repair requires certain training of personnel.

In the department of thermal automation and measurement of 60 people, 21 engineers and technicians, 30 have higher education. Aleksey Alikin is one of highly skilled workers.

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Aleksey Alikin, Leading Engineer in Automated Production Management Systems

- In 2004, while still a college student 19 years of Power and Electronic Instrumentation - said Alexey Alikin - got a CHP-2 house an electrical shop. Working here, I entered the correspondence department of the Kazakh National Agrarian University and in 2008, after graduating from the university, I became an instrument engineer of the Technological Protection, Signaling and Remote Control group. The main my duties were organizing the operation and maintenance in good condition under the jurisdiction of the shop technological protection devices, alarm and remote control, to ensure reliable and trouble-free operation of technical equipment, technological protection circuits, alarm and remote control.

Since 2012 I work as a leading engineer in automated production control systems (hereinafter ACS), where I am primarily responsible for organizing the operation and maintenance of automation devices for process control systems.

After completing the courses: "Development and operation of the CER-AT PTK on the basis of the Ovation V.3.5.1 PTS" in the training center of Naberezhnye Chelny; "Maintenance of SIMATIC S7 SIEMENS controllers" in the training center of Almaty "SINETIC"; PCS7, SIEMENS in Moscow; "ST7-PRO1 Programming SIEMENS" in the SIEMENS training center in Almaty, I started independently to service and adjust the systems of Programmable Logic Controllers and transfer experience to young specialists.

I participated in the adjustment of the automation of the process control systems for fan cooling towers based on the "Ovation" PTC, the automation of the process control systems of the new boiler and VPU of the heating network on the basis of the SIEMENS SIMATIC PCS 7 software and hardware complex, the Osmosis reverse automation system based on the SIMATIC S7 controllers -300, as well as doing work on the reliable operation of this equipment. I study and implement new modern equipment for automation of process control systems and oversee issues related to the automation of process control systems for the project "Reconstruction and expansion of Almaty CHPP-2 of AlES JSC. III stage of Boiler Station station number 8.

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Friendly personnel of the workshop takes an active part in the public and sports life of the station. The team of CTAI takes the first place in football for two consecutive years.

In the Address of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbayev. "The third modernization of Kazakhstan: global competitiveness" the main task is the implementation of the State program "Digital Kazakhstan". The goal of the program is to accelerate the development of the economy of the republic and improve the quality of life of the population through the use of digital technologies in the medium term. The main task of the program "Digital Kazakhstan 2018-2022" is digitalization of industry and electric power industry.

At CHPP-2 with the participation of CTAI for the first time in the history of Almaty CHP, a distributed control system was implemented on the basis of the software and hardware complex "Ovation" and the PCS-7 control system of the world's leading manufacturers.

At present, a particularly topical issue is the control of emissions of the environment. Between AlEC JSC and Almaty Ecology Department, the Committee for Environmental Regulation and Control of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with a view to establishing a remote transmission of data on industrial environmental monitoring online. The TAI workshop proposed to use the flue gas monitoring system based on the X-Stream analysis on the newly commissioned eight boiler unit, which is successfully operating now.

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Amazing, efficient and creative people work in the workshop of thermal automation and measurements at Almaty CHPP-2. Everyone here, as they say, in their place, everyone can be relied on in their work, and this, of course, is the key to success. They are able to solve any complex problems.