70th anniversary of the HPP Cascade

August 9, 2018 Cascade HPP marked its anniversary - 70 years of education as an enterprise in the "Kazakhenergo". The name of the energy complex has changed many times (RUEH Alma-AtaEnergo, ZAO APK, AlES JSC), but the Cascade HPP, being a part of it, at all times regularly made its important, and sometimes just an invaluable contribution to the city electricity. This was especially evident during the military and post-war period, during this period the development of the Cascade of hydroelectric power plants covered up to 50-60% of all the city's electricity needs.

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Personnel of the Cascade of HPPs and veterans of the enterprise congratulated many guests. They said warm words and highly appreciated the role of the Cascade of HPPs, S.Tjutebaev, Managing Director for production and management of assets of Samruk-Energo JSC, S.N. Nurpeisov, Chairman of the Council of Veterans of the CEA, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board for Economics and Finance of AlES JSC A.A. Arginbayeva, Deputy Chief Engineer of AlES JSC V.G. Shmelev and other colleagues on professional activities.

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President of Hydrospetsstroy JSC V.Trashin joined the congratulations, who spoke about fruitful cooperation with the Cascade of HPPs in carrying out in various years of responsible work to improve the reliability and stability of hydraulic structures, and primarily the dams of the BAO.

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The ex-managing director B.U. Mukaev and the head of the Civil Defense and Emergencies Service of the Cascade HPP B.G. Kashin, who are now on a well-deserved rest, have made a huge contribution to the preservation and development of the enterprise in the difficult 1990s through 2016, and enjoy great respect and authority. They wished the Cascade of HPPs further reliable and trouble-free operation, and the company's staff - health and well-being.

Then the procedure of awarding the most distinguished employees was held. The title of "Honored Power Engineer of KEA" was awarded to Sergey Vinitsky, the head of the Automation, Measurement and Communication Department, and the title of "Honorary Power Engineer of the CEA" - to the shift supervisor Sergei Linnik and deputy head of the electric machine workshop Serik Toktarbayev. Two more workers - the mechanic of the spillway of the hydraulic engineering department Lyudmila Chekhova and the leading engineer of the electric machine shop Baurzhan Zhaksylykov - were awarded with the Honorary Diplomas of Samruk-Energo JSC.

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Sabirkulov BA, Managing Director of the Cascade HPP, made closing remarks. He also congratulated his colleagues and guests and noted that if the guests spoke very well about the history of the enterprise, then today's life and working days of the staff of the Cascade of HPPs about the currently working people will be shown in the prepared film. After that, a small photo film was shown, telling about the life and work of the collective of the Cascade of HPPs.

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The festive celebration ended with a modest buffet table, in which staff, veterans of the enterprise and guests took part with their congratulations and memories.


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