The ''energy family'' was born

This romantic story began in September 2017 with the call of the head of the economic department of TPP-2 Bakytzhan Toksharaev, who initiated young people.

2018-08-22 063152

- September 24, 2017 our first date was held. I waited for him with special trepidation. It was an autumn Sunday evening to get acquainted, we decided to go to a cozy coffee shop. It was very interesting for us to communicate. After that wonderful evening, we began to meet, "said Aizhan Zhanysbaeva, the chief specialist of the Labor and Wages Department of the AlES JSC.

"Interests, views on life, plans for the future are everything, as we understood, we had one," Shyhys Sulimov, the leading economist of the economic department of CHPP-2, continued the conversation. - We both love good movies. It turns out that it was perfectly normal for both of us to go to the movies one by one. So, we preferred to visit the same movie theater on a Saturday night, enjoying the films alone. By the way, we love the same coffee. Therefore, after six seven months of our friendship, we decided to start a family. On July 21 our wedding took place.

Summer is the time for weddings. I am glad that this year many new families have appeared among the power engineers. We believe that the usual family life for young children will be an incentive for new achievements: both personal and professional, - rejoice for the newlyweds their relatives, friends and colleagues. Aizhan and Shyhys, be happy!