CHPP-2: repair campaign

In preparation for the upcoming autumn-winter period of 2018-2019, one of the main activities of the company is the timely and high-quality execution of the repair program.

2018-07-23 055743

According to the annual schedule of repairs at CHPP-2, repairs of eight boilers and six turbine units were planned. To date, two boiler units and three turbine units have been repaired.

2018-07-23 055753

At the moment, the workers of the production and repair enterprise "Energoremont" and contractors involved in the work is carried out to overhaul the third turbogenerator and three boilers.

 2018-07-23 055804

- Repair of the third turbogenerator began on June 4, 2018. The contractor is replacing the built-in capacitor bank. On the basis of the contract organization of KazRemenergo JSC, the generator rotor is being overhauled, the segments of the nozzle unit are restored. With the power of PRP "Energoremont" repair of high and medium pressure cylinders, pump park and heat exchangers, cleaning of the main beam of the condenser, "said Daulet Shahibasov, head of the turbine shop of CHPP-2. Vladimir Reger, head of the turbine equipment repair workshop at the Energoremont PRP, provides organizational and technical support for the third turbogenerator.

2018-07-23 055815

- According to the approved schedule of repair work, three boiler units are undergoing major overhaul. On the first boiler-unit, the rear screen is replaced by the contractor. On the second and sixth boilers, the burners and the heat chamber are repaired by the forces of the Energoremont PRP, - Kenzhebay Baizakhov, the head of the boiler department of CHPP-2, shared. From the Energoremont PRP the work is supervised by Alexander Yakovlev, the master of the site for the repair of the boiler equipment of the Energoremont PRP.

During the repair work is carried out to eliminate defects detected during the operation of the equipment, preventive maintenance of electrical, thermal mechanical equipment, as well as work to keep them in working order capable of carrying a given load.

All the undertaken repair and recovery measures will increase the reliability and efficiency of the equipment, which will lead to a stable generation of electricity.